An ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to illuminate images of organs, tissues, and blood flow. It is an excellent diagnostic tool that allows your doctor to see things that an X-ray will not show. An ultrasound is a painless procedure used to track a baby’s progress in the womb, but also for numerous other health diagnosis purposes. Regular use of ultrasound technology for preventive measures can help your doctor detect certain changes and abnormalities before they become life threatening. With early detection comes early treatment, which is much more likely to lead to recovery.
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Abdominal Area
An ultrasound can diagnose issues in the abdominal area, including the uterus, kidneys, aorta and periaorta space, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and spleen. Additionally an ultrasound can be used to examine and diagnose the prostate gland and the adrenal gland. The doctor can look at an ultrasound film and see if each of these organs is healthy. Additionally, he or she can see if the blood movement from one organ to the next is healthy and normal as well. For an ultrasound of this area, you may be asked not to eat for six or eight hours beforehand, and to drink three or four glasses of water beforehand to fill the cradle and make the organs easy to see.

Many physicians recommend an ultrasound of the breasts for all women over the age of 20 years. An ultrasound of the breasts would include the actual breast and the area around the breast from the underarm area to the clavicle. Routine ultrasound in this area will give your doctor fair warning of any abnormality or uncommon thickening growth in the breasts or in the lymph nodes. In this way, certain cancers such as breast cancer and lymphoma can be caught and treated early, increasing your chances of survival.

Cancer is not the only that can be detected with the help of an ultrasound. An ultrasound of a given joint or set of joints can shed a great deal of light on the problems you may be having, including stiffness, limited range of motion, and pain. Ultrasound can aid in the diagnosis of internal bleeding, hematoma, tumorous processes, and meniscus damage. In fact, ultrasound is used to chart the development of the hips in young children who are at risk of hip dysplasia.

An Important Part Of Medical Treatment And Prevention
Ultrasound can provide diagnostic information for all of these, as well as testicles, the thyroid, and other soft tissues. Because many diseases and disorders can affect these tissues and organs with few or no symptoms until they are in advanced stages, the regular use of ultrasound for diagnostic purposes is very important. An ultrasound, performed before you ever think you are sick, can save your life. Unlike X-rays, ultrasound uses no radiation so there is no personal danger to you, the doctor, or the nurse. It is an important tool in the race to defeat cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses that attack the organs, tissues, and blood.