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How A Smoker Becomes A Bum With A Butler

When we think of some guy having his own butler, we are forced to accept the fact that this man must have means and tremendous power in the affairs of his domain. Even quite rich people don’t bother with butlers… It’s almost like it’s archaic. But there are men of note who feel that they need one-just to help them keep up with things.

I remember Bob Hope flying to St. Louis to give a speech and finding out-when he reached St. Louis-he’d left his script behind-and sending his butler back to California to fetch it and return quickly.(You can do that with a butler.)

I have a personal friend who has a butler; and both he and his butler are really colorful guys… And no one begrudges my friend his aid-because he seems to do well for himself as well as for others.

…But let’s discuss a smoker now. Just how would a smoker- just being a smoker-need to have a butler on hand? If he’s recognized as being a bum, he would…And how would he get recognized?

It strikes me-first of all-that a bum is someone who may have cash but never seems to be able to take care of his God-given blessings of health, and personal responsibilities to the folks around him.

He may have been knocked down in life, but instead of getting up and thanking his God for his bad luck, he just stays down.

So… if a smoker fits these very low standards, then he just might need a butler. And here’s where his butler plays a key role for him. Let’s say he’s down; and no one helps. That is when the smoker calls out for his butler– in this case, his ‘own cigarette’…So now he gets up strength to hold that cigarette with steady hands and lights it up.

Unlike the butlers of all men, his cigarette could never say, “Hey, Boss… Easy… Maybe I better help you up and get some help!” One might almost attribute to his cigarette-butler a keen satisfaction in seeing that his boss stays down. For what does the butler do, who’s boss gets up and no longer needs a cigarette?

It’s enough to make those cigarette concerns weep!

…Is there any solution here? Yes… if a miracle should come to his mind and conjure up an image of him- as I have just described- a bum counting on his butler to help him keep smoking- if he really sees that as clearly as he can- then maybe he will resist the urge to call his butler-and will instead make sure he finds some plan to help him quit.

It’s no big deal to quit; it is a big deal to understand you have got to quit.

The Use of a Weight Loss Calculator

Weight loss calculators are an excellent and entertaining aid to losing weight. Not only do they help you calculate how much weight you can expect to lose in a given time but they will also inform you of how many calories have been burned or how much food intake needs to be reduced to reach a specific target weight.

The subject of weight can be an important issue to many especially as we age. Older people tend to slow down more and exercise less, the body’s metabolism also slows and weight is easily gained. More and more people are becoming aware of the health issues connected to carrying extra weight. A good weight loss calculator can help you to set and achieve realistic goals and to maintain an optimum weight.

They work by using certain basic information about the body – height, gender, age and current weight for example and then combining it with the daily activity level. It will then calculate how much weight you have to lose and gauge the amount of time it will take based on the information it has received. Losing weight can be a difficult challenge especially for older people as they tend to traditionally lead a more sedentary lifestyle. In order to succeed and to reach targets it is important to use all the help available. Weight loss calculators not only advise you of where you are in relation to your target but will help to spur you onward. Every journey starts with small steps, as you see your new exercise or healthy eating regime begin to work it becomes easier to achieve the next milestone and then the next and so on until you reach your final target.

They are also invaluable in calculating BMR, Basic Rate Metabolism. This is basically the level of calories a body needs to perform at a basic level. Once you have established how many calories are needed for the body to repair itself it will highlight how many extra calories the body receives daily. This allows you to easily calculate how many calories the body can manage without, making weight loss easier. If you eat more calories then you use, you gain weight. Eat less and you lose weight. The calculator will help to set an achievable and realistic target number of calories needed for weight loss.

The beauty of the Weight loss calculator is that you can also factor in your activity level. The more exercise or activities you perform the more calories you burn. If you have an idea about how many extra calories have been burned it becomes a lot easier to choose what types of food should be eaten to maintain healthy controlled weight loss. If, for instance, you have a party to attend and realize that you may not be able to keep to the confines of your diet it may be possible to increase your exercise levels in order to have more calories to ‘play with’. Again ensuring that all the hard work you have put into your weight loss program is not wasted.

One of the difficulties in losing weight is gauging how much weight will be lost by exercising. Once a basic level has been established it becomes much easier to judge how long it will take to achieve a particular weight loss target. This helps keep motivation levels high as there are less disappointments when the scales only move downward a little. Also when you see how many extra calories even moderate exercise burns it encourages us to continue or even increase these levels which can only be beneficial in aiding weight loss.

More and more people are catching on to the idea of weight loss calculators as they realize that they potentially are a valuable means of support. The more help available the better and the easier it becomes. Not only do they work but they are easy to use. Believe it or not they can also be fun as each target is reached and bettered. Weight loss can be achieved without the use of a calculator but why run the risk of failing. It has been proven that this easy to use aid will help maintain a healthy and realistic weight loss program. Give a weight loss calculator a try, you have nothing to lose, except weight!

How Massage Therapy Might Help Lessen Tension

Resting is a talent that everybody should learn because it’s a crucial part of a healthy and balanced way of living. It doesn’t matter which of the many approaches you decide to help you unwind, but you should practise routinely to get the maximum benefit for your physical and psychological well-being. Daily use of a relaxation method may also make it easier for you to cope during periods of extra intense stress and fatigue.

Look for somewhere that is quiet, heated where you won’t be disturbed; take off any lenses prior to starting. Lay face up on the floor, close your eyes, breathe in the air at your normal resting rate and rhythm. Firm up the muscles in your hands prior to relaxing them. As you exhale proceed up the body, tightening and relaxing the muscles, and when you reach the face, tense the mouth and eyes, then loosen up like the skin on your face is slipping off on to the ground and raise your head a couple of minutes, then loosen up your neck and jaw muscle groups to let your head to fall gradually back and let your mouth area and throat open up. Do this and after that lie absolutely still for some more minutes. You should feel totally relaxed. Lengthen your fingers and legs gently before you go back into action.

In the past, meditation has been an inclusive piece of a number of different beliefs, particularly those in line with Asian ideas. Persons experienced with yoga regularly use these methods as a route toward religious insight and a happy relationship. For most individuals in the West, however, the intention of meditation is simply to free up bodily pressure and generate deep peace through emptying your mind of fears. Various bodies practice deep breathing.

Choose a place where you won’t be disturbed and aim to stay with your back straight, but vary this position in order to get more comfortable. Inhale and exhale at the normal flow, and unload your mind of feelings and ideas: repeat a statement without moving your mouth very much; the word or words should have no emotional significance so you can focus on the practice alone and not evaluate the meaning. Visualize a beautiful landscape and enjoy every minute detail of this picture in your mind’s eye. As an alternative, with your eyes open, look at one object but don’t attempt to examine its form or design. Meditate for only a few minutes till you think it is easy to clear your thoughts of potential distractions. With practice, you will steadily be able to increase the session of meditation up to 15 minutes. Regardless which technique you follow, you will notice that your brain wanders, or annoying thought processes start to intrude. The secret to success is to take yourself carefully back to focusing on your word, image or object each time this takes place.

Whilst yoga exercise is influenced by an ancient Indian philosophy this pursuit has become more popular then ever in the West in recent generations. Not only is yoga exercise a practice that will help relax your head and cut down strain, some movements improve sense of balance and dexterity, and increasing muscular strength and stamina levels. You ought to learn yoga and fitness inside a class.

There are plenty of massage therapy specialists who are experienced with massage therapy systems that have nothing to do with the more sleazy marketplace. One can find quite a few really good publications around which show you how to rub down your partner and yourself. Therapeutic massage includes stroking, rubbing and pummeling the muscles in several areas of our body. A massage can cut down exhaustion, in addition to leaving your face feeling fresher and more youthful.

You should never drink or eat prior to a massage. Massage therapy is not suitable for individuals with any of these disorders: nausea or an infection, including dermis infection; epidermis soreness in the area to be rubbed; discomfort compounded any time pressure is used; thrombosis, or spider veins (might be aggravated through stimulation of the affected region).

There’s no substitute for practical tuition in the art of massage. Here are a few straightforward suggestions to get you started with therapeutic massage: pick a cozy, dimly lit, room or living area where you are not going to be disturbed. Remove anything that could irritate or be distracting, say for example a bracelet; jewelry must be taken off or covered with tape; if it turns out you do not have a specialised couch, the individual being massaged should lie on a cushioned area, possibly a mattress. In case the bed does not have a good mattress, use covers, or a mattress on the floor; the masseuse ought to kneel on anything comfortable to enable both hands to move easily over the skin, utilize a mild plant oil or cream.

An array of aromatherapy massage oils is accessible, each of which is recommended for individual disorders. When you employ a massage therapy oil, never pour it directly on someone getting rubbed. If you require additional oil, put some on to the back of the massaging hand and continue on stroking while you use your free hand to transfer this additional oil delicately on to the skin. Over bigger muscle groups, implement more rigid force but don’t push too rigorously. When massage is bringing about a ticklish feeling, increase the pressure or proceed to an alternative region to relieve muscle tension, apply deeper pressure with your thumbs either kept still or moving about in small circles. To successfully loosen up stress filled muscles all around the shoulder blades, and thighs, consider using a kneading strategy. Applying pressure to muscles through clenched fists with your arms relaxed creates a springy push that will also help out.

Better Skin for Less Money

Are you tired of wasting money on useless skin care products? Are you looking for a cheap, nourishing, and moisturizing recipe? If the answer is yes, read this article to learn how to make the best homemade facial masks for acne.

Reasons why people choose homemade facial mask for acne than using OTC products

There are multiple reasons why many people use home facial masks recipes to create their own skin care products. One is affordability; you can make home facial masks much cheaper than you can buy them. Another reason is ingredient control; you decide what goes in your facial mask so you can avoid items that irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions. A third reason home facial masks recipes are so popular is people want to avoid harmful ingredients and processes used to make synthetic products. More people are becoming increasingly aware of some of the potential hazards of certain store bought products. Making your own home facial masks recipes is very easy to do, and it doesn’t require a lot of time, either.

What Do Face Masks Do For Your Skin?

The greatest advantage of home facials is that you are using natural ingredients that are excellent for your skin. Oily skin, for example, gets cleansed and exfoliated with the appropriate face mask. In general, this inexpensive beauty treatment removes dead skin cells, excess sebum and tones, making your face look bright, healthy and firm. A good face mask makes you feel fresh and confident and leaves your skin looking lovely.

Here’s a guide to the most effective recipes for homemade acne masks:

Egg White and Lime Acne Lift

Egg whites make for an excellent natural toner and face lift. It has proteins that help tighten pores and make skin taut and firm. The juices from citrus fruits like lime, on the other hand, work hand in hand with egg white enzymes to help kill acne-causing bacteria to clear up skin. Citrus fruits also have a lot of the antioxidant powers of vitamin C that help repair skin damage and protect the skin.

To make an egg white and lime acne mask, separate egg white from yolk and whisk until it forms a thick paste. Add a few drops of lime or lemon juice and mix. Apply the mask to the face after washing it with cleanser and leave it on for up to twenty minutes. You will notice that the skin will be tighter, less oily, and pimple marks less red right after using the mask.

Lemon Mask

Lemon is a good astringent and anti bacterial that will fight off pimple. In making a Lemon face mask, all you need to do is squeeze half a lemon and add 1 teaspoon of water. Since lemon has a very strong effect on the skin, adding water will lessen the strong effect on sensitive skin. Use a cotton ball in applying the solution to the face and leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Also, one can apply lemon face mask before going to sleep then rinse it off in the morning.

The Benefits of Getting A Massage

No matter if you have a stressful working routine at your workplace or you have to undergo cumbersome household chores, you deserve a break and relief from all the stress and muscular pains. A good massage can deal with a number of health problems. Few minutes with the gentle yet firm touch of a professional will take you to the state of trance and make you feel as if you are reborn. Massage is beneficial for both physical and mental health.

A massage can give you such a magical relief from all kinds of muscular and joint pains that no other medicinal treatment can do. It has surprising results in lowering blood pressure, stress and anxiety levels, and it can be helpful in managing depression and other similar problems. Massage can be very useful for toning muscles and improve reflexes. Some people also believe that massage helps in weight reduction by bursting fats of the body. It is specially beneficial for people who have undergone a surgery. Massage xp is one such device of a size of an mp3 player which can provide you with all the above benefits.

All the professionals who have to undergo a lot of physical stress in their profession like sports, dance etc need a massage regularly. It helps them improve their posture, prevent any occurrence of injuries, release tension and thus helps them perform better. Earlier one required going to a massage parlour or a spa for getting a massage but today the facility is available at many places including medical clinics. You can even do it yourself at home with the help of massaging devices like the massage xp and that too at the time of your choice. An aromatic and musical environment can enhance the feeling of recreation further.

However, massage can have a bad effect on certain people. Thus, one should consult a doctor before taking a massage if one lies in that category. People suffering from blood vessel diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer or osteoporosis should be very careful when deciding to take a massage. Severe back pain or high fever can also worsen with a massage. If on one hand it is a perfect way to relax and get rid of their problems, on the other hand it can become a cause of worry for some others. Thus, you should consider your health and go for a massage if it satisfies your needs.

Cure for Social Anxiety

The best way to start to get a cure for social anxiety is by learning some quick tips for social anxiety. You need to control your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. With a social anxiety disorder your thoughts can have a severe impact on how you handle your anxiety. You need to fully accept yourself even any flaws. This will stop making yourself think you are inferior to others. No one is perfect we all have doubtful thoughts about ourselves. Also you need to not over think in social situations. If you are not constantly worried about saying the wrong thing you will start to relax.

To help with your anxiety you need to overcome your loneliness and sadness. These are emotions that drive off potential relationships. If you can be fun and happy you will make a lot more friendships.

The last tip will actually change your level of anxiety. To help with your anxiety you need to base your behaviours on what you would like to do not what you do not fear to do. Face your fears directly. Start with small fears and build up to the big ones.

One of the biggest mistakes with people who suffer from social anxiety is being controlled by their emotions. To help with social anxiety you need to be not controlled by your emotions. You need to do things in spite of your fear. If you feel afraid to do something you do it anyway. Once you start acting in despite of fear you will become more relaxed and desensitize yourself to social situations.

Another way to get a cure for social anxiety is to practice relaxation techniques. If you suffer from social anxiety you know what it feels like to be anxious, it makes you feel awful and insecure.

By choosing to concentrate on being relaxed you will start to get a cure for social anxiety. Start at home. Lay down somewhere comfortable. Take long deep breaths and feel your body relax. Go through your body and feel each muscle relax. Start by relaxing your feet. Feel the tension being released and the muscles relaxing. Continue by relaxing the muscles in your legs and, your torso, arms, back, neck, face and head. Imagine yourself on a beach or by a creek listening to the sounds of the water. Keep breathing deeply and feel your whole body relaxing. Just lay there and feel what it is liked to be totally relaxed.

Now once you now know how to relax, practice relaxing throughout your day. The more relaxed you are the less anxious you will feel.

Fat and Happy

I just want to say out loud how much I love fat people who are happy, fat people who are good with their girth, big and proud, fat and happy. I love fat people who embrace their fatness like a warm blanket, feeling snug and wonderful while all the skinny folks scurry around freezing their asses off exercising. We carry this belief that fat people can’t really be happy, because they’re fat. They must be “crying on the inside” or “hiding” under the blubber. I think we’re wrong, in a big fat way.

A while ago I was triaging a corpulent guy in the ER. When I asked him what happened, he smiled, shrugged, and said,

“Fat guy fell down.”

“Dude,” I said, “Can’t you make up something better than ‘fat guy fell down’?”

“Ok,” he was humoring me, “Fat guy fell down chasing bear for McWhopper.”

I’ve been afraid of being fat all my life, and here comes this guy just loving his big ole self. My oldest son Billy has been an amazing role model for love-of-large-self. After he got out of the Marine Corps he announced he was “done exercising until the age of 30″ and damned if the kid didn’t just stop doing everything and get his girth on again. Billy was “big boned” in his early twenties when I took all three boys on an all-inclusive resort trip to Jamaica. The first night there, on the beach filled with beautiful people, the emcee asked some of the men in the audience to “come up here and do something to make the women scream!” Billy joyfully strode up to the stage, lifted up his Hawaiian shirt and made his belly fat undulate like a tsunami. The women screamed, all right.

How can you not love that?

I’m a little tired of all this talk about exercise and nutrition, and I’m mostly sick of myself and my own obsession with strength and exercise and “looking good.” At the end of his life, Jerry Garcia is purported to have said something like, “If I had known how bad I was gonna feel, I wouldn’t have done all those drugs.” I’m starting to feel the same way about exercise, as I wake up every morning creaking like the Tin Man when Dorothy stumbles on his rusty frame in the forest.

“Oil me!” my joints yell as the alarm goes off.

What if all this hooey about exercise is just boloney? I’ve been a runner for 35 years, an athlete, and a big mouth proponent of exercise but I think I’ve been duped and maybe – I’m just saying – maybe I should have been on the dang couch smoking joints rather than on the mountain hurting them. I had a great friend, a crotchety Italian lawyer guy who smoked cigarettes, drank excessively, and ate whatever he wanted. He believed you were born “with a pre-determined number of heartbeats” and if you exercised, you used them up too fast. When any one of his organs started to fail, it was his plan to pick out a “healthy young guy in India,” give him “lots of money and a year to live” and then just harvest what he needed.

Outrageous and morally bankrupt, but it sort of catches your attention, doesn’t it?

Why do I fear fatness? Why can’t I embrace the idea like Santa Claus, Chris Farley, and Billy? Are fat and happy people really just crying on the inside? I don’t think so. I think plenty of them are enjoying the hell out of life, eating whatever they want and not freaking exercising at all. That sounds delightful and maybe if I had led a nice sedentary life I wouldn’t wake up feeling like I’ve been mugged. Like Jerry Garcia, I just plunged full speed ahead in my youth, not with drugs but with exercise and adventure – running thousands of miles, biking, hiking, skiing, going to the gym. The list of my folly is endless. And now I’m 55 and paying the proverbial Exercise Piper, especially since I took up ice hockey, for the love of God. You know how we accuse men of being stupid by thinking with their “little head?” Well, I don’t have a “little head” but I apparently have a “young head” that’s just as delusional as any penis. My “young head” thought being an ice hockey goalie at my age would be fun!

Getting old is a dirty, hairy secret. Nobody talks about it. So when I started feeling like the Tin Man I went into work and asked my co-workers – most of them much younger than me – why I hurt all the time they looked at me like they were doing intake on a mental patient.

“Because you’re….OLD?” Marianne said rather loudly, like you do when talking to an old person.

Oh no! I’m getting old!

Aging is really awkward. Weird stuff really does start to happen, like after 40 when an alien inhabits your midsection and after 50 as hair grows in odd places. When you’re a young ass whipper-snapper all of this is hilarious. Then you actually get there and it’s just stunning. I’m just starting to get it.

When I met Cowboy Bob eight years ago on a pack trip, I came upon him one day working diligently to get a piece of leather saddle strap through a grommet (that’s a hole, folks). I voiced my skepticism and he looked up, spit out his tobacco, and did that gnarly bad boy smile thing:

“Ain’t nothing can’t be done with a little patience and lubrication,” he said.

While that sounded pretty sexy now it just seems practical and maybe Bob wasn’t talking about sex at all, but about getting old – patience and lubrication is what I need right now. I’m starting to use oil, just like the Tin Man, to lube up my joints, help me breathe better at night – because yes, now I snore for the love of God – and even grease my intestines. I have the lubrication, I just now need the patience.

I’ve been running for 35 years and it’s just time to stop. Enough already with the abs. I used to love it when people told me I was “ripped” and slobbered about how good I looked and what great legs I had. Vanity. Insanity. Inanity. So I looked good and wasn’t fat. Do you have any idea how freaking hard it was to keep my body in that kind of shape? For what? A few compliments? Although it really does feel great to work the body hard, I think in all honesty I was motivated by fear and desire, those buggers that bring us suffering at every level. I cared that I looked good because I was afraid of being alone – fat and alone I guess, which at now often sounds like the very definition of bliss. Fat and alone. Ahhh.

I think I am ready to almost let it go to hell in a handbasket, with a burger. Of course I’ll still do stuff I love outside, like skiing and biking, but it’s going to be about loving the outdoors and lighting up my insides, not my quads. I’ll do more yoga and enjoy it, and probably snore during shavasana. But no more War Against the Belly – clearly middle age has won and I don’t want to grow old being one of those people who complain about pain all the time.

Whoever started this line that “50 is the new 30″ ought to be tarred and feathered. 50 is freaking 50. That’s all. Nothing less. The body hurts after half a century mucking around and there is no going back. My teacher at Upaya, Roshi Joan Halifax, is nearly 70 and she’s gorgeous! No make up (often no hair), and a robust body that still treks the Himalayas, Roshi Joan is embracing aging because she’s getting wiser. She glows from the inside out and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t use a lot of fancy skin products, being a Zen priest and all. I think she’s totally tapped into that deep well of inner beauty we all have, the one I’ve been running away from for 35 years. Roshi Joan radiates love and exuberance and I don’t think she gives a rat’s ass about her abs.

That’s my model for aging, not some 60 year old trying to look like a 40 year old. For God’s sake: 50 is 50, 60 is 60 and someday dead is just dead. If my girth grows consummate with wisdom and happiness, well then bring it on. Maybe fat and happy people are way evolved, and know something the rest of us run from in terror. Maybe they know that the body is just a bag o’ bones, a temporary earthsuit that houses a magnificent spirit; not some temple to be worshipped and revered but just a thang – something to walk around in while we laugh and love and feel joy. So you can hurt this body doing wild stunts of athletic extremism, or just be the fat guy who fell down. On the mend, I wonder who’s happier?

Seeing the Link Between Basic Butterfly Rash and Diet Changes

The butterfly rash is included in the proprietary symptom list of lupus, a disease that is quite unpleasant to live with. The causes of lupus have not yet been fully elucidated, even though it is commonly believed in the medical community that it is genetically developed. In essence, the butterfly rash has gained its name from the form it presents, because it develops at face level, across the cheekbones, nose and bridge. Since it is only one of the symptoms of a condition that can become very hazardous for the health of the affected person, patients should take notice that certain changes in their lifestyle are imperious.

Although a link between the outbreaks of butterfly rash and diet modifications has not been proven without a shadow of a doubt, certain substances seem to affect the manifestations of lupus. For starters, in order to address the coronary artery condition, people suffering from lupus should increase the intake of omega-3 acids. Oily fish are the main source for this substance and the principal effect of ingesting omega-3 acids are that the reduction of heartbeat irregularities and blood pressure. Consequentially, since the butterfly rashes are associated with an extremely intense circulation in the blood vessels of the face, people with a regular heartbeat and a blood pressure within normal levels are less prone to experience an outbreak.

Essentially, the diet of a lupus patient should be well balanced between fresh vegetables, lots of fruits and poultry. Although red meat does not necessarily have to be excluded completely, the amounts that he is allowed to consume are moderate. Furthermore, whole grains have the role of regulating the digestion, so if you are suffering from lupus they can constitute a major ally in keeping the illness in check.

While many individuals suffering from lupus tend to believe that there is no harm in adding herbal supplements or vitamins in their diet, the truth is that some of them can worsen the condition and even trigger butterfly rash outbreaks. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a physician before adding any additional supplements in your diet in case you are suffering from lupus.

On a side note, even though a certain supplement alone poses no potential hazard to your health, it may negatively interact with the medication you are currently on with results that cannot be anticipated. For instance, taking corticosteroids that have the role of elevating the blood pressure in conjunction with high amounts of salt or fats is a surefire way to trigger a butterfly rash.

Speaking of things to avoid, it is time to talk about the negative influences of unhealthy lifestyle choices on lupus. Alcohol, if consumed in moderate amounts will not present a major health hazard. However, exceeding the allowed quantity regularly will not only dim the proficiency of the lupus drugs, but also interact with pain medication and cause ulcers and circulatory conditions in time. In addition, smoking is one of the habits to steer clear of if you suffer from lupus, as it boosts the risk of developing coronary artery conditions, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases substantially more than for individuals without lupus.

How To Stop Migraine Quickly Using Natural Remedies?

Are you experiencing head-splitting pain and you are looking for a proper cure for migraine? Migraines are an intricate, vascular phenomenon, considered to be a headache disorder. It is one of the most widespread complaints of the working masses and known to bother mostly men but teenagers also come in its grasp regularly. They are often accompanied by visual and other sensory ailments, which are termed aura. This aura may or may not be a package of the whole migraine predicament.

Causes Of Migraine

The causes cannot be accurately deciphered by doctors. They fluctuate from person to person.

Cure For Migraine

A cure is what the entire humankind needs to know now.

Migraine can be treated by various natural remedies, including homeopathy.

  • Homeopathy

Homeopathy effectively and naturally helps people afflicted by migraine. Homeopathy describes migraine as a trait disorder. Therefore, the homeopathic treatment can only be performed after thorough study of the person’s personality. Homeopathic treatments are of course absolutely safe and can be taken along with any supplementary medicine if you like. The only downside of homeopathy treatment is that it tends to be very slow.

  • Natural Remedies That Stop Migraines Quickly

If you are looking for non-medication treatments, the preeminent one available to all of us is sleep.

Calming the nerves is a very imperative factor. Ingredients like Ignatia, Naja and phosphorous are calming elements. They soothe and relax the muscles in our body. It is very indispensable and crucial for the treatment to contain these compounds. Emotional agony should be properly dealt with in the course of migraine treatment.

Your pain relief product should also include Belladonna. This magical ingredient works wonders in soothing down pain, swellings and muscle twitches.

The above natural herbs have the ability to treat migraines quickly. Because each of these herbs has a different role to play within pain relieving, the best cure for migraine would be to get yourself a product which contains all these ingredients in one. Studies have also shown that such a product in the form of a cream produces one of the best results in treating migraine and a big advantage that comes with it is its zero side-effects.

Proven Natural Ingredients

Migraine, of course, is a very complicated condition. Without proper cure, migraine becomes very difficult to diagnose.

Thankfully, research has shown that treatments containing natural ingredients like Belladonna, Ignatia, Naja and phosphorous have the ability to get rid of migraine. The cure for migraine is now made possible, therefore, improving the quality of life for many people.

How to Get the Best Results From Your Power Nap

A power nap can really help you get that extra boost of energy that you need in order to make it through the day. In fact, this is one of the most effective Natural Sleep Aids that your body can get, and so when you combine power napping with healthy Natural Sleep Remedies, there is no reason why your brain won’t be able to function at its optimum state. However, in order to make the most from your power nap, it is important that you follow these few tips:

Limit Your Naps to Less Than 30 Minutes

In order to get the best effects from a power nap, you have to train yourself to fall into the beginning stages of your sleep cycle. This will generally be sleep stages 1 and 2. What you do not want to do is to go into a deep sleep, because all it will do is make you feel groggy and disorientated when you are woken up. Keep in mind that every person is different when it comes to the amount of minutes needed in order to fall into the first and second stage of sleep, so it will take a bit of tweaking until you find the right amount of time in order to get an effective power nap. In most cases, it will be between 15 and 30 minutes.

Try the Caffeine Nap

If you are looking to push your power naps to a whole new level of effectiveness, then you will find that the best way to do this is by having a cup of coffee prior to your 15 to 20 minute nap. Studies have shown that this is one of the most effective ways to wake up extremely alert and full of energy, because the caffeine inside the coffee will usually take around 30 minutes before it has an effect. So, not only will you be getting that fresh boost of energy from your power nap, but you will also be getting an added amount of alertness from the caffeine as you wake up; and let’s not forget the extra boost that will be coming from those healthy Natural Sleep Aid supplements as well.

Keep in mind that your power naps can only be truly effective if you get enough sleep in the night as well. Add this with a good dose of exercises on a daily basis in a healthy diet, and then combine all of this with Natural Sleeping Remedies, and you will find yourself being the master of your own destiny, because the amount of energy you will have will allow your brain to function at its optimum state.

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