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Preventing the Premature Aging

Aging has become one of the most consistent problems in the world. We all age but perplexes is the appearance of aging signs on the skin. Such signs consist of wrinkles and crows lines. Making changes in the diet like consuming large amounts of vegetables and fruits can increase production of collagen too because they are rich in antioxidants. Such anti oxidants are contained in various vitamins present in them. All over the world people feel bad when they can’t apply make up as its effect is reduced due to wrinkles existing below it. Facial and neck wrinkles were never in fashion and are never going to be. They are an anomaly and need to be cured as soon as possible.
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The reason why such wrinkles appear is that the elasticity of the skin starts getting reduced as we become old. For preventing such an outcome, its important to adhere to a proper skin care routine which consists of hydrating gels and cleansers. Even use of anti aging products is required. Such products should be rich in anti oxidants which curb the generation of free radicals in the skin. Such free radicals reduce the production of elastin and collagen, causing wrinkles to form.

Even exposure to sun is also a reason for aging. The ultra violet rays of the sun cause so much damage when they decompose the collagen of the skin that leads to the appearance of wrinkles. So, using sun block creams is a great way to hamper the occurrence of such wrinkles. Such skin protection factor should be more than 40 in any skin block cream used for this purpose. One can avoid going into the sun in times like after noon. Even use of proper eye gear can combat the appearance of signs of aging near the eyes. Smoking also produces wrinkles on the skin. Nicotine has an adverse impact on the quality of the skin. It leads to the constriction of blood vessels in the epidermis which is responsible for the flow of blood to the skin which causes wrinkles. The best way to avoid such an outcome is to quit smoking. Anti wrinkle creams containing antioxidants increase the production of elastin and collagen in the body. This ensures that the skin becomes more resistant to these wrinkles.

The wrong kind of sleeping position can also produce such wrinkles. So, it’s better to sleep in the right manner to avoid production of such wrinkles.
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You can prevent the further appearance of such aging signs through washing. If the dirt collected is not washed properly, it can cause discoloring of the skin. The skin tone can also become uneven due to it. Its necessary that grit on the face is washed everyday so that one does not surgery for curing wrinkles. Wrinkles look more deeper due to lack of any washing. Even exfoliation can reduce such wrinkles. Any dirt in the face can be wiped off through sweating of this process.
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Relieve Migraine Headaches

The average person suffers from headaches and they are just annoying. These people keep Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve and Excedrin around the house to relieve the occasional symptoms of headaches. However, some people need something stronger than the over-the-counter medication and they seek out the migraine version. Yet others seek out even stronger medications like Topamax, Imitrex, Fioricet, Midrin, or any one of numerous other prescription pain medications.

The Secret Suffering of the Migraine

Some of us keep getting headaches despite popping over-the-counter and prescription pills. Migraines hunt us down and interrupt our lives like the black plague. We sit in dark rooms wondering if our lives will ever return to normal. We literally have spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars on doctors and medications that only give us temporary relief. Sometimes, the relief never came

Somewhere around this point, we migraine suffers turn to “alternative” treatments. We have nothing to lose and “back alley” treatments don’t seem so bad. Our headaches aren’t going away and we sure can’t go on living in the dark. So where do we go for help? Where do we begin to look?

The Search for Migraine Relief Begins

Since I am not made of money, I cannot afford to go to clinics and migraine workshops. I have to find something that will work today. I need someone that can see me today. I need help today.

My friends recommend I seek the relief of a chiropractor. I am not so sure how well this will help but I find that it is not a bad idea. It can’t be worse than what I am already going through so why not.

Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches

I am a skeptical person by nature so I do some research. Turns out that regular treatment actually reduces the frequency of migraines for some people. I couldn’t believe it.

I also found out that some chiropractors offer massage as part of their practice. Then I find out that even more research has been done and massage has been proven effective in relieving tension headaches.

While the chiropractor does not help with all my migraines, it does help with many of my migraines and I have one that sees me the same day. Overall, I have to recommend seeing a chiropractor for headaches. If you suffer from migraines, you do not have to suffer in silence, see a chiropractor today.

Hangover Cure

And so you have done it and right at this very moment, your hangover is not going away. So, what now? You want to sleep? You want to vomit? You want to rest because you feel like you were recently pulled out from combat? No matter what you do – you sleep, you drink water or juice – still, you feel the terrible effects of hangover.

Having fun and boozing are becoming normal parts of daily life. People are becoming more and more obsessed to frequent blasts and social gatherings. Aside from junk foods, some people take hold of hard drinks. Hard drinks and cocktails are just some of the starters for the rocking party bash. But when the night of fun is over, you are left with several troubles like a brutal hangover.

Luckily, in order to suppress the hardships brought about by hangover, there are different hangover cures that can help you. These hangover cures are the answers you have been looking for in your quest on how to cure hangover. These tips are effective in replenishing the vitamins and liquid you lost over night. However, there is no single cure for hangover. All you have to do is to take in all of the possible cures that can help you alleviate the condition that you are in right now.

The following are some tips on how to cure hangover. These will help you realize the things that you should and should not do so read carefully:

• Get some sleep. Yes, you and your body need some rest. Your body needs to recover its lost energy. Therefore, a sound sleep after a tiring night of party will replenish the lost energy.

• Drink a lot of water. Replenish your body with water or juice and soon you will feel livelier and more active.

• Keep away from drinking coffee. In contrast with the popular belief, drinking coffee will just worsen the situation. This is because coffee is rich in caffeine which can add up to the hangover feeling. This will also dehydrate you more.

• Take in Vitamin C. There are vitamins or juices that are jam-packed with this kind of vitamin so make sure to take them in the morning.

• It can also help if you drink energy drink or sports drink. This will revive your sleeping energy and will boost your system.

• Eat foods rich in minerals such as canned fish or pickles.

• Have a shower. Control it by switching between hot and cold water.

• Have some exercise. This will help you activate your body. Physical activities that keep you sweating will help a lot in reviving the energy of your body. These activities will also bring back the active system that you have.

• Most importantly, make use of B-fore hangover patch. This patch replenishes the essential Thiamine gone when you drink alcohol. By enhancing and restoring your body natural defense system, B-fore hangover patch reduces the physical by-product of alcohol. Just apply this patch to your skin before drinking alcohol and you will feel a dramatic reduction of the negative physical side effects of drinking alcohol. You will totally see lesser symptom after consuming alcohol when you use the B-fore hangover patch.

So, there you have it, the best remedies on how to cure hangover. Make sure you follow them right away in order to get rid of the hangover and eventually go back to your normal life.

Your Health Risks

The first step to avoiding cancer, diabetes, heart attacks is by understanding your health risks. There are key health risks to consider. Health risks are your risk factors which may or may not be modifiable. These risks tell you how likely it is for you to develop certain diseases. By knowing the risk factors of a disease, you can compare those factors to your own risks to determine your chances of developing a disease. Cancer, diabetes, heart attacks are some of the most common health conditions that people are always worried about. Here are some of the risk factors of cancer, diabetes, heart attacks that you should know about.

  • Cancer
  • Cancer is a general name for a group of diseases characterized by the presence of abnormal cells that damage the body. There are several types of cancer, such as Lung Cancer, Bone Cancer, Leukemia, and Colon Cancer. Here are some risks factors of cancer that you should know about.

    • Age may determine your susceptibility to cancer. The older you are, the higher your risk of getting cancer
    • Tobacco smoking increases your risk of getting lung cancer. You may also get this kind of cancer through second hand smoke.
    • Radiation may damage your cells and may cause them to develop abnormally, leading to cancer.
    • Sunlight. UVA and UVB are very harmful to your skin.
    • Chemicals. If you are exposed to harmful chemicals, you may develop cancer. Some chemicals that you have to be very careful of and avoid are asbestos, nickel, benzene, and cadmium.
    • Some viruses and bacteria also put you at high risk of getting cancer. Human Papilloma virus causes cervical cancer. People infected with HIV have a high risk of getting cancer such as lymphoma.

  • Diabetes
  • Diabetes is a kind of disease that affects how your body metabolizes your blood sugar. This condition has 3 classifications, which are diabetes types 1 and 2 and Gestational diabetes. Diabetes is a very common disease. Some people may not even know they have it until the condition starts getting worse and shows serious symptoms. Type 1 diabetes commonly occurs during childhood, while type 2 diabetes may happen during adulthood. Gestational diabetes happens when a pregnant woman’s blood sugar peaks during her pregnancy. This condition may eventually go away after pregnancy.

    If you have a family history of diabetes, you are at high risk of developing the illness. Certain infections and diseases of the pancreas may lead to type 1 diabetes. Risk factors for type 2 diabetes are mostly modifiable, like obesity.

    Heart Attack

    Like Cancer, your risk of getting a heart attack mostly depends on the lifestyle that you have. If you smoke, drink a lot and have a sedentary lifestyle, you are at high risk of heart attack.

    Cancer, diabetes, heart attacks can be avoided by modifying your lifestyle. This is why it is very important to know the risk factors of these diseases. By knowing the risk factors of cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, you can easily evaluate yourself and your lifestyle and identify the things you have to change.

    Should I Use Ice Or Heat?

    I get asked this question more than any other and the answer is actually pretty simple. Let me explain first what ice and do when you put them on your body, then I will explain the two different scenarios for their use, followed by some do’s and don’ts.

    Both ice and heat serve to interrupt the pain that is traveling from an injured area to your brain. Essentially what happens is that the information your body transmits about the heat or cold, travels to your brain faster than pain, so you don’t feel the pain as much. Both heat and cold serve to reduce muscle spasms and muscle tension. Heat increased the circulation to an area, thereby bringing more nutrients and taking away more harmful waste products. Ice reduces the circulation to an area, thereby reducing swelling. So, they both work and technically it probably does not matter which you use, but there are specific times when one works much better than the other.

    It is always best to use ice for the first 48-72 hours right after an injury; this is also known as an acute injury. R.I.C.E is an acronym standing for the things you should do to treat an acute injury; Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. The ice will help to decrease the swelling and inflammation. After the first 48-72 hours, you can switch to heat, which will help to relieve any muscle tension while you continue to heal. It is best to use heat for chronic muscle soreness or soreness after an activity (as long as an injury with swelling is not present). The heat will help the muscles relax better. Heat can also be helpful for chronic joint pain such as arthritis (osteoarthritis).

    The directions for using ice and heat are the same. Apply ice or heat for 15-20 minutes at a time only! No longer! Then take away the ice or heat until the skin returns to room temperature, I usually recommend 30-40 minutes, then you can re-apply the ice or heat. It is ok to use a bag of ice or a commercial ice pack. For heat, it is best to use a moist heat source such as a hot shower, hot tub, or hot towel (but be careful not to burn yourself).

    Now for the don’ts. Do not put ice directly on your skin; always use a towel or other protective barrier. Leaving ice on for longer than 20 minutes can have the exact opposite effect from what you are going for (think about what happens to your nose and cheeks when you come inside after being out in the cold for a long time). Never, never use an electric heating pad, especially not to sleep on. I know it feels good, but you are probably doing yourself more harm than good.

    This is meant to be a brief overview about how and when to use ice and heat. For more specific questions, please contact a qualified health professional. My contact information can be found below.

    Benefits of Acai Berries

    For centuries, the Brazilians have reaped benefits from the Acai berry. Containing more antioxidants, nutrients, amino acids, and some other healthy by-products, these berries have been a staple of Brazil. Initially, Brazil utilized these for wine along with other beverages, but more recently, they have been utilized in superfoods, health food diets, and weight loss trends. So, what is it that you need to know about this wonderful healthy product?

    Acai Fruit Juice

    The leading nutritional choice is the acai fruit juice blend. Made up of mostly the pulp from the harvest, the juice is rather thick, and can be used in health food shakes, liquid herbal supplements, and finally as a dietary filler. There are several things you must consider, first, when you buy this juice:

  • Authenticity: Through the years, a lot of companies have attempted to mislead consumers into believing their blends are more ‘pure’, or ‘beneficial’ than the others. But, in order to make certain that your Acai berry juice is both strongly packed with antioxidants, and effective for your health needs, ensure that your product is either Kosher or USDA Certified. If it is not, do not buy it.
  • Packaging: If your juice is runny, mostly water, packaged in plastic, or seems to be more clear than a solid grape juice; your juice most likely is not genuine. Many companies have taken shortcuts to fill out their products. True, honest, and beneficial acai juice is packaged in glass, and is a very dense pulp.
  • Color: Your juice should be dark, so dark, in fact, that grape juice, placed alongside it, should look downright clear! That’s right: In order to acquire the benefits of acai, you must drink the pulp; if you don’t, then you are not getting the benefits.
  • Powder: Powder forms of acai are good for virtually any type of health food additive, shake and herbal blend. They may also be used as a topical skin therapy for wrap type cleanses. Make sure, however, that your source of powder is 100% acai berry, and no additional filler. It must pass USDA cultivation requirements, and be certified by a certified organic dealer. If not, do not use it.
  • Acai Berries and Diets

    The only thing greater than the acai juice, is the berries. You may purchase them raw, in bulk, and often fresh from any certified USDA or Kosher producer. You may make them into sorbets, eat raw, or mash them into a wonderful juice. For those who want to shed weight with acai, eating the berries is an excellent idea. Not only can they take the place of one meal each day, but you can consume them whenever you feel hungry. Try not to go nuts, they do contain natural sugars, which your body will turn into energy. With the extra energy you can take advantage of more activities during the day without getting exhausted.

    Acai Body Cleanse

    Many health food and nutritional organizations have taken to the idea of a full body cleanse with acai berries. Of course, that can be somewhat costly, but it still is healthier than a number of other types of cleanses available on the market. The idea is reasonable enough: For a good week, eat only acai berries and drink lots of water. Not only will your system obtain an extremely high amount of antioxidants, but with the berry, and water blend, your colon, bowels, and stomach will be very clean. From extra energy, to a very healthy body, this fantastic superfood is a must for anyone.

    In short, acai is an excellent fruit to savor both in berry and fruit form. Yet another thing to think about: Children, who really do not like to eat healthy, will adore acai berries. They are packed with nutrients, but in addition to that, they are very delicious to eat. Train your children to eat right at a young age, and they will continue to eat properly as an adult. Keep in mind, acai fruit juice and berries are a fantastic source of natural energy for anyone.

    Body Massage Oil

    Body massage oil is often used in body massages. The application of body massage oil makes the strokes of the masseuse smoother and reduces the friction of skin to skin contact. There are many different kinds of body massage oils available for massages. These oils differ slightly because of the ingredients in them and how they were made. Although not all body massages require the use of body massage oil, there are some that do. Some individuals also like to have body massage oil on them while they are being massaged as this may sometimes promote a very relaxed or warm feeling.
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    Body massage oil can leave a sticky and greasy feeling which is why choosing one is essential to the comfort of the person being massaged. Some oils used for body massages are a combination of several oils or just two or three top choices. The application of the oil as well as the amount used can be part of the body massage technique that some masseuses do.

    Kinds of Body Massage Oils

    Natural body massage oils are the top picks of massage therapists. Among these natural oils are sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil and apricot kernel oil. Sweet almond oil is the least greasy of the ones listed and is very light. For longer massage sessions, reapplication of the body massage oil may be necessary because sweet almond oil absorbs easily into the skin.

    This oil does not have a high price but some people who are allergic to nuts may need to choose another oil since there may be allergic reactions to using sweet almond oil. Jojoba oil is thicker oil that is derived from a seed of the jojoba plant but is more quickly absorbed than sweet almond oil.

    The oil itself also has medicinal properties which make it a great choice for those searching for multipurpose body massage oil. One solution for the quick absorption of jojoba oil is to mix it with a body massage oil that is not absorb as quickly. Jojoba oil also has a longer shelf life than other oils which make it a great choice for those who may not use it regularly.

    Sunflower oil is derived from sunflower seeds. This body massage oil can spoil rather quickly which is why it is recommended that only small amounts be bought. It can be absorbed rather quickly which is why reapplication may be necessary during a full body massage.

    Apricot kernel oil is rich in Vitamin E which helps it retain a longer shelf life compared to other body massage oils. It can be used as an alternative to sweet almond oil for those who are allergic to nuts. It is also a great choice for adding scents and aromatherapy.

    Prevent Sweating

    Sweating is a normal part of our lives since it is kind of like a sign that shows the cooling system of our body is operating correctly. However, when we sweat more than expected such as our palms, underarms, or head, we call this sweating problem hyperhidrosis.

    A lot of people are dealing with hyperhidrosis everyday and want to know how can I prevent sweating excessively. Out of all the places you can sweat excessively the armpit area is the most prone.

    Excessive sweating in the underarms will create a bad odor and even a sticky feeling. This problem can easily cause a lot of embarrassment and discomfort.

    This problem is more of a social problem than a medical problem. Your clothes can get soaked by the sweat and it can greatly affect your confidence and self esteem in front of people.

    If you want to know how to prevent sweating excessively then the following tips will definitely help. One way to prevent sweating excessively is to use natural fibers.

    It is definitely a good idea for you to wear clothes that were made from natural fibers like cotton, wool, or linen. This is due to the fact that natural fibers provide better air flow in the underarms and are much better for preventing extreme sweating.

    Another thing you can do to prevent excessive armpit sweating is to shave your underarm. When sweat dries up on the hairs it will create body odor that is believed to be the most bothersome symptom of this condition. When you shave your underarm area frequently it will help lessen the severity of the sweating and greatly reduce unwanted body odor.

    Another thing you can do to prevent this problem is shower on a regular basis. When you shower or bathe you can use an anti-bacterial soap to clean your body. The soap will decrease the sweat causing bacteria in your underarms.

    When you are trying to prevent this problem you should drink plenty of water. When you drink enough water it will help get rid of your sweating problems naturally. The water will help to maintain the toxin levels of your body at a lower level. The sweat will contain less toxins when you drink water and the sweat causing bacteria will be reduced.

    The good news is that you can treat your excessive sweating issue. Start using some of these simple tips to at least reduce the sweating and odor greatly.

    Hot Stone Massage Kit

    A massage is a treat that we usually only experience on special occasions. Most of us can only afford to have a massage a few times a year or maybe you’re lucky enough to get a gift of a massage session. If you’re anything like me, you could probably use a massage a lot more often! And even though there are several types of massage, if you have ever been exposed to the benefits of a hot stone massage, then you are probably hooked on this relaxing, stress relieving form of massage. Well don’t despair! The good news is that it is not that hard to create you own hot stone massage kit.

    Of course, there are kits available online, and from certain natural health and healing stores, but do you really want to pay a premium for what essentially boils down to rocks and a crock-pot? Many of the online kits feature dozens of stone sizes for every possible body need. The truth is you can get the job done with far fewer stones.

    Start by visiting a local quarry, a landscape company, or even your local riverbed. Kit rocks look polished and uniform, but any river rock works just as well. They are worn naturally smooth from years of running water. Choose stones that are flat and smooth and fit well in your hand. You’ll need two larger oval stones for the back and stomach that are about eight inches by six inches. Next, you’ll need about a dozen stones that are easy to fit in your hand. Try to select darker stones. They tend to hold heat better and more consistently than lighter colored stones.

    Next, you will need something to warm your stones in. A crock-pot or slow cooker works well as they can hold a consistent heat during the massage. You could also use a large pot with a lid on a hot plate. The warmer should be of a substantial size so it can hold all of the stones at once. Don’t ever use a microwave to heat your stones; they stones will heat unevenly and may cause burns.

    Once you secure the stones and how to warm them you can focus on the accessories. You will need a strainer, slotted spoon or tongs to get the stones out of the warmer. If the warmer you are going with doesn’t have a temperature gage you will also need a food thermometer. The optimal temperature for the water is between 120 – 150 degrees. You should also have a few sheets, light towels or pillowcases available during the massage. Finally, to complete the relaxing experience it is nice to have soothing music, candlelight and some kind of aroma like lavender in the room.

    That’s it. That’s your hot stone massage kit. There are a number of resources online that can direct you on the technique of giving a hot stone massage. With the hectic and stressful lives most of us lead having an outlet where we can unwind and rejuvenate is an extremely welcomed change of pace.

    Human Energy

    What do you think is the single biggest issue today that people have?

    I’d say not enough energy. Like time, energy is something most people wish they had more of. Demands on our energy are greater than ever before. A lot is occurring in life that uses up energy. But, just like a poorly insulated house loses energy, so does a poorly functioning body. What can you do? Plenty…

    The number one way to increase your energy is to improve your posture.

    Modern lifestyles are robbing us of valuable energy. We do repetitive movements or are hunched over a computer for hours. Hours of sitting in front of a computer, driving, talking on cell phones… over-utilizing our minds and under-utilizing our bodies creates a myriad of problems including major stiffness in the body. You can change this simply, easily, and once and for all. The whole idea is really simple… get some random movement to work the kinks out and fire up your human instinct to stretch. You know when you feel really happy and joyous, how your body becomes light and free – there is a way you move around. Do that! Let you body take over. Let it guide you instead of doing something forcefully to it.

    Posture is the basis by which you physically do what you do each day. Walking is posture manifesting itself through motion. Show me a person with good posture and I’ll show you a person who moves like a young person. Ultimately youth is posture… all about moving freely and flexibly without pain. With age and technologically-based living come aches and pains, slower movement, and general body stiffness. It’s no fun to hurt all the time, especially if you spend your day in “computer posture,” or your job is physically repetitive in nature. Then you don’t move like you should. But now, when you come home and your neck, shoulders, and back are tight and painful, YOU can do something about it.

    Move in ANY way that you don’t normally. Try it for a minute right now and you’ll see.
    Everyone has a unique, innate ability to stretch and keep their body’s structure aligned naturally, without having to rely on health care providers to do it for them. You can learn to make this a conscious act. So, when your body starts to feel uncomfortable, you can properly and effectively move it to release stress and restore correct alignment… yourself!

    The truth is that in today’s technological society most people suffer from stiffness and pain brought about by not moving enough and doing repetitive movements when they do move. Sitting in front of computer screens all day… or in a cubicle… or driving… just isn’t what human beings are designed to do. This causes serious problems with posture, flexibility, movement… ultimately impacting your quality of life.

    Your head is designed to balance directly on top of your neck. When held forward, for example, muscles must work harder to hold your head up rather than merely balancing it. Energy is consumed unnecessarily. Take a ten-pound weight. Hold it out at arm’s length. How long before your arm gives out? An improperly held head is putting a similar strain on the neck muscles. Many people are exhausted at the end of the day – just from holding their heads up. Holding a telephone between your shoulder and ear with your neck bent to one side is another example. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, if there are habitual postures, poor alignment can become permanent.

    Your body assumes the shape of its most common positions. So change the position…

    When your body stays in the same position for long periods of time, it takes on that shape. This allows the bones and overall alignment to do more of the work of supporting your body while your muscles do less. The problem is; your body is habitually positioned in a manner that creates poor alignment. This wastes energy. Slouching is a good example.

    • Think of having balloons attached to your head and shoulders; gently, not forcefully, lifting you up towards the sky.
    • Raise the monitor up on your desk so you are looking level and not down.
    • Look up to the sky instead of always looking down.

    Remember, good posture means efficient and energy saving movement, just like an athlete. Here’s to the athlete in everybody!

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