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Eat Better, Not Less

For years, I would go on a diet, lose weight, then return to my old eating habits and gain the weight back. I would not intentionally go back to my old eating habits but sooner or later I was overweight again.

I would have the best intentions but as everyone knows eating healthy in a fast food environment is tough to do. At first I would go into a hamburger place with the intention of ordering a salad. That would last about 3 seconds until I saw all the pictures of burgers and meals. I would fail and order hamburger and fries with a soft drink. I would then feel guilty, mentally beat my self up, and then try and repeat the process with a different out come the next day. However, since I blew lunch, I would usually stop for a soft drink and peanuts on the way home. Food was my companion and food was my master.

My next effort was to say to myself that I would eat a salad before I went into the fast food restaurant thinking if I planned the meal I would be successful. I did much better with this approach and could last up to 5 seconds before ordering a burger and fries and soft drink.

My next effort was to take my salad with me and eat it in a park or some quiet place. This effort failed miserably as the lunch would call out to me while I was driving to be eaten immediately. Since it was a salad and not fattening I would eat the lunch by 10 o’clock and then eat my burger and fries and drink at lunch. This approach kept me full all day and I managed to gain weight.

My next effort and the one that worked is the one I am still on today. I found a nutritional supplement that I mixed with 12 ounces of water and drank on an empty stomach before breakfast. This nutritional supplement provided me with enough vitamins and minerals that I was not hungry when lunch time came. I still had some desire for a burger and fries but this time I chose to purchase a salad at the local grocery store and eat this for lunch. This was enough for me and I lasted until supper where I had a bowl of soup. Because I did not over eat during the day I was able to sleep all night long and actually felt relieved that I had conquered my first day on controlling my eating. I was on my way to permanent weight loss.

So here is a brief list of my eating habits:

· Smart Mix at 5:45 a.m.
· Green tea, nothing special, 6:00 a.m.
· Bowl of Old Fashion Oatmeal at 6:45 a.m., Small glass of orange juice, eye dropper of sub-lingual B12.
· Energy capsule at 10 a.m. if I think about it or feel I need it.
· Salad bar from local grocery store at noon.
· Cup of coffee on drive home and maybe a package of toast and peanut butter crackers. (around 4 p.m.)
· Soup for supper with 1 cracker.
· Miracle tea before bed.
That is my diet in general and it works great. I have finally mastered my food and eat better and not less. The important ingredient is the Smart Mix in the morning as it supplies my body with the proper nutrition I need to stay on my diet.

Eating salads has now become normal instead of rare. Do I still eat hamburgers and fries and soft drinks? Yes I do. I just decide when I can eat fast food and not eating fast food as a first choice. I enjoy the weight loss more than I enjoy the fast food. At some point in your life eating better and not less is going to have to be your primary motivation if you want to keep the weight off.

Vitamin D – Disease Prevention Role For The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and has been called the sunshine vitamin. The role of this vitamin has been known for several decades. It promotes the formation of bone. This is achieved by promoting the intestinal absorption of calcium. It is available from several sources, but the fish liver oils are the best sources. There is another source for which one does not have to pay. This source is sunlight which is free. Of course, sunlight does not contain vitamin D. The UV radiations which are part of the sunlight are able to act on a precursor of vitamin D present in the skin. This precursor molecule is called 7-dehydrocholeserol.

Vitamin D is actually a prohormone. Enzymes present in the liver and kidney convert vitamin D to its active form. This active form is called 1, 25-dihydroxycholecalciferol. Since this active form of vitamin D contains three hydroxyl groups, this compound is known as calcitriol. Calcitriol is able to act as a hormone and is released from the kidneys. It is calcitriol which promotes the absorption of calcium into the bloodstream.

Deficiency of vitamin D has been associated with increased blood cholesterol levels which in turn would make an individual susceptible to coronary heart disease. When vitamin D is not available in sufficient quantities fro food, the body tends to synthesize more cholesterol so that more vitamin D precursor is available in the skin. It is this response which leads to increased blood cholesterol levels. When vitamin D is deficient, there is increased calcification of the arteries, a phenomenon which promotes plaque formaton.

  • Vitamin D is probably the best antibiotic produced in nature. It has the ability to boost the functioning of the immune system. The T-cells of the immune system are normally in a dormant or, inactive state. When they are activated, they turn into killer cells. Vitamin D is involved in this activation. When T cells are exposed to the invading pathogens, they extend some ‘antennae’ which are actually vitamin D receptors. When vitamin D binds to these receptors, T cells are activated. If sufficient numbers of vitamin D molecules are not available for binding, the activation of T cells is stopped.
  • Vitamin D is also capable of inhibiting the development of some autoimmune disease. Multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease are classical examples. Vitamin D also enhances the phagocytic activity of the macrophages.
  • Vitamin D also promotes the synthesis of an anti microbial peptide called cathelicidin within the macrophages.

When vitamin D is deficient, glucose tolerance is reduced. This implies that low availability of vitamin D in the body can predispose to the development of diabetes. It has also been shown that nearly 77% of all cancers can be prevented by vitamin D.

Stressful Acne Problems

Stress from acne is very common, no matter what age you are and what sex, acne has a big toll on the stress that happens a round you. No matter what there is not really a real way to cure this stress when you are out there, all you can do is try and lessen the stress. This is because of the fact that acne will always be on your face for that period of time. Of course you can lessen the looks of acne with a few face creams but nothing fully cures it.

How to be less stressful from acne:

1. One of the things that people do without noticing is touching your face, first of all this creates pimple acne because your hands are full of germs, and second of all this attracts a lot of attention.

The people start to look at your face and you will get even more stress from pimples then you normally do, so first thing is stop touching your face. The truth is many people do not even see your acne pimples and only you make it noticeable making yourself more acne stressed.

2. Trying to hide your acne, girls either put a lot of makeup on or do their hairs in different ways in order to prevent other people from seeing the acne behind their skin.

This again creates a bulls-eye around the place that you are trying to hide; people do notice your hair and if you changed it they will be curious. Although this may work sometimes the curiosity of other people usually leads to you revealing your pimple anyways.

Makeup is something that is very common among girls with acne pimples; the stress from acne can be hard but making you look like a clown can be even more stressful than acne stress. Like I said you look like a clown and make yourself look so much more noticeable than if you just leave your acne out.

In conclusion

The truth about acne stress is that there isn’t really anything behind it except for yourself, if you decide to be annoyed by the acne pimples on your face then that are your fault. Choosing to just ignore the acne on your face can reduce the stress from your pimples and make your day a lot better.

So the next time you think about stress from acne and what you can do, do nothing at all. It will make a better outcome!

Why Everyone Needs Resistance Training

This form of exercise, resistance training, can be very beneficial for your health as has been publicly stated for years. One of the great things about resistance exercise is that there are no side effects that can negatively affect your health. The following points should help clarify why you should make resistance training a part of your overall fitness program.

Not too long ago, most of the people attending the local gym were younger people that were working out trying to get buff. People at the gym now consist of a blend of young and old, some of which are doing resistance training in order to build muscle and bone strength. Throughout your system, in your 30s or 40s, bone mass begins to diminish. This occurs around the same time your metabolism starts to slow down, which means you have to eat less or exercise more to remain the same weight. Your bone density and your metabolism can both recover by simply doing resistance training to counteract these natural occurrences.

To get the maximum benefit out of any fitness routine that you do it must incorporate many different elements. The key is to focus on resistance training, aerobic exercise, and dieting at the same time. The best combination is to combine a half an hour of aerobic activity and another half an hour of weight training. Dieting is essential, especially when you are trying to build muscle mass and lose weight at the same time.

One of the most obvious benefits of resistance training is that it makes you stronger, and this is something that can be important in more ways than one. Your tennis or golf game will dramatically improve because of regularly doing these resistance exercises. Everyday activities, such as going to the grocery store, or moving a piece of furniture, will be much easier because of this training. Injuries that may have happened for doing physical activities will definitely be less because of your added strength. With added strength, comes added confidence, which is most often seen with those that weight lift or body build. When you do resistance training, you are also improving the way you feel about yourself and your health on an everyday basis. If you are consistent, you will do well as you do this routine every day. Your resistance training program is limited only by your imagination and your ability to be consistent at the gym or at home. You will definitely enjoy your workouts once you get started as long as you remain consistent every day.

The Raw Bee Pollen Benefits

For centuries, the raw bee pollen benefits have been known, going back to the ancient Egyptians. This true superfood can help to keep you healthy now and protect your future well-being too. Find out more about the benefits and how to select the purest and most effective source.

Pure pollen packs a huge nutritional punch and even the U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that it is the most nutritious food we can eat, as it contains all the nutrients necessary for human survival.

The following are the main raw bee pollen benefits you can expect:

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Improved sexual health
  • A stronger immune system
  • Anti aging benefits for your skin
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Weight-loss

More is being discovered all the time including possible life extending qualities. Recent studies have found that the increase in overall health, including better concentration and memory could help you to live longer.

It has long been known that bee-keepers who have a lot of contact with pollen, tend to live longer and healthier lives and one eminent doctor has stated that “taken regularly and in sufficient amounts, bee pollen will prolong the lifespan of a person for many years.”

Professional athletes use them to improve their performances and many top coaches and trainers insist all of the players take daily pollen supplements, such are the results.

Pure supplements may also help you if you suffer from allergies, especially hay fever! By starting with a small amount first, it is possible to desensitize yourself and lessen your reactions. Always consult your doctor first if you have any queries or are already on strong medication.

Improved sexual health applies to men and women. This natural wonder helps to keep the female reproductive system healthy and can even increase the chances of conceiving. For men, it helps to prevent prostate cancer and increases the sperm count, helping them to swim faster and for longer.

One of the main raw bee pollen benefits is weight loss and this works in two ways to benefit you. First it speeds up your metabolism so you burn off more fat, and secondly it reduces your food cravings between meals.

As you can see, this is a truly amazing natural substance but you need the highest quality source to get the benefits.

Look for at least 800mg of pure pollen in each capsule and ensure it has added enzymes like lipase and amylase to increase the absorption. Most granules only give you around 5% of the potency whereas with the right added nutrients you can get a whopping 95% instead.

If you are serious about improving your health and future well-being naturally, then pure bee pollen can help you achieve it.


Solutions to Bedwetting Problems

Bedwetting is also termed as “Nocturnal Enuresis”. Bedwetting is present commonly among children and some teenagers may also have this problem. One has to first find out the reason that lies behind this problem if one needs to stop bed wetting.

Causes of Bed wetting:

The following might be one of the causes for bed wetting:

1. Physical problem

2. Psychological or emotional problem

3. Common habit.

Physical problems:

This may be due to any kidney or bladder problem. Some abnormal nervous problem or the presence of certain diseases etc. can also lead to bedwetting. These problems can be medically treated by medicines after consulting a physician.

Psychological or emotional problems:

If there are no physical problems, then look out for any psychological problems. Fear, stress, tension and anxiety can cause bed wetting in children. This can be treated by consulting a psychologist. He will assist you in tracing out the problem.

Common habit:

Some children are very lazy and this laziness will develop poor urination habits as they ignore the stimuli that causes urination during the day time. In course of time they will not be even aware that their bladder is full. This can be overcome by keeping an eye on the child’s urination habits. Assist them in solving this and gradually these children will get rid of this problem. Bed wetting at night can also be prevented by adopting some techniques.

It is found that genetics also contribute to this problem. Researchers have proved that the parents of those children who have bedwetting problems have had this problem in their childhood.

Bed wetting solutions:

There are some remedies for bed wetting solutions. Avoid giving excess fluid items or water to children before going to bed. Make the child urinate before going to bed. Parents can go for bedwetting alarms in addition to using pads or materials that absorbs the liquid. The alarm will produce an alerting sound at the very sign of urination. Take note of the time; so that from the next day onwards approximately at the same time, the parents can wake the child and make him urinate. This repeated practice will gradually make the child wake up at that time and he will develop the habit of stopping bedwetting at night. Be caring and loving to these children. Never punish them for bedwetting. Even after practicing this for a continuous period of two to three months the child does not stop bedwetting; then take him to a doctor. The bedwetting alarms can be used by people of any age. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily removed and it can be clipped to the clothes that you wear in the night. Grownups who have this problem can use liquid absorbent material for sleeping.

Healthy Diet and Optimistic Mood Protect Our Stomach

Nowadays, more and more people have been attacked by the gastric diseases like gastric ulcer and gastritis. It is always difficult for people to deal with the diseases. Therefore, people should protect their stomach in daily life to prevent such diseases. Generally speaking, the healthy diet in daily life can effectively protect our stomach.

  1. People should have dinner regularly in everyday life. Many people can not control their appetite. For example, although they feel full, they will not stop eating the delicious food. As a result, the normal functions of stomach can be seriously disturbed and the secretion of gastric juice can be accelerated, which can easily cause gastritis and gastric ulcer. Therefore, it is beneficial for people to take food regularly and moderately so as to decrease the burdens of stomach. The patients with gastric diseases should increase the intake of nutritious and digestible food during dinner. The intake of snacks should be decreased, or the gastric peristalsis and the secretion of gastric juice can be accelerated to worsen the diseases.
  2. People should avoid the pungent medicines. Some medicines like erythrocin can stimulate the gastric mucous membrane to induce inflammation and ulcer. Therefore, people can not take such medicines for a long time. If they have to take such medicines, they should take them after dinner. If possible, many people can use Chinese medicinal herbs to take the place of such medicines.
  3. People should pay attention to the dietary sanitation. When people are having dinner, they should chew carefully and swallow slowly to reduce the burdens of stomach. What’s more, the intake of pungent food should be decreased. Drinking and smoking should also be quit. The nicotine contained in cigarettes can stimulate the stomach  and accelerate the secretion of gastric juice. The alcohol contained in wine can also hurt the stomach. In addition, people should decrease the intake of coffee moderately, as caffeine contained in coffee can also affect the normal functions of stomach. After the stomach is stimulated, the gastric perforation can be easily caused to threaten the human life.

Except healthy diet, optimistic mental state can also protect the stomach for us. The health situation of stomach keeps a close relationship with the mental situation. The high pressure can disturb the functions of cerebral cortex and cause spastic contraction of the blood vessels in the gastric wall to induce gastric diseases. Therefore, people should keep optimistic and happy in daily life.

Pedometer – Step Counting To Better Health And Fitness

It’s the inherent trait of the human nature to be on the move. Out forefathers millions of years ago were the hunters and nothing short of the fiercest predator around. This logic applies to the present day man as well. We are still ruthless in our approach. It goes the same for people associated with any kind of profession. You might be an athlete, a CEO of a top company or even a clerk at the post office. No one wants to draw the short straw and deviate from the path of success and job stability. It is therefore of utmost importance that we stay fit and fine all around the clock.

We all have heard the wise saying that health is wealth and it is indeed very true. It is only by staying fit that we can rely on our instincts to take the correct decisions at all important and crucial junctures of our lives. What’s better than to have a pedometer, a simple device which will help you out during your daily regimen of working out?

It is a very well known fact that not all of us can afford the time and energy to visit the gym at a regular basis, but the staying fit bug seems to have bitten a fairly large population all around the world. Maybe you are one of those who do not find it necessary to hit the gym at regular basis but do your part to stay fit by taking regular jogs or morning walks through the neighborhood park.

So what is actually a pedometer? A pedometer is actually a device that can be worn as wrist watches or can even be attached to the leg muscles. This device is a step counter and it measures the number of steps taken by you. It is one of the important tools that you require while you are sweating it our trying to stay fit. The pedometer is also beneficial as it can be used to mark out the course, the distance that you will be traveling and the level of activity. It is like the extension of the human body that will give you the precise details of the effort that you will be putting in regularly to stay fit.

Fitness is major big concern right now for everyone residing at all the corners of the world. Of late it is really tragic the way people are falling ill and growing fat owing to the absence of adequate rest and a balanced diet. It is quite a true fact that our daily lives are responsible and the hectic schedule that we are in for daily takes it’s toll leaving us without rest and making us unfit. It is therefore very important that we do our bit for our own body and the pedometer will be like a friend letting you know about the endeavors that you have put in and the levels that you need to push yourself to achieve weight loss and high fitness levels.

Unfortunate Medical Experiences, And Lessons Learned

So much of a practitioner’s success depends on their communication skills. I know there are a lot of brilliant heart surgeons out there who feel that their job isn’t to make friends, but to perform major surgery with a cold and clinical eye…but these doctors don’t usually see their patients on a regular basis.

Even the most innocuous doctor’s appointment inspires unease for most people. That’s why I’m constantly cracking jokes when I’m at the gynecologist’s office-it’s certainly not because I’m having a good time in those stirrups. I’m joking around because I’m trying to forget where I am…and to cover up my fear that this is the day I’ll get unfortunate news.

As open as people are with their doctors, they are much more open with people in my profession. After all, a physician only knows the intimate details of your physical health…your acupuncturist is familiar with all aspects of your health, physical, emotional, and mental. So it is extremely important to really focus on building a rapport with patients.

I’ve had some awful experiences with doctors. My childhood physician should not have been practicing medicine at all; he was definitely unstable. When I was younger I accepted his quirks with the equanimity of a child who knows no better-but once I was older (maybe eight?) I lived in terror of my yearly physicals. Being eight years old and having an old, gruff doctor yelling “Have you been a bad girl? Have you let boys touch you? DON’T LIE!” was…well…disconcerting. I mean, I was eight. I didn’t even have the slightest idea of what he was talking about!

Then there was the unnamed gynecologist in Boston who refused to let me get an IUD, because I was unmarried and she felt that most unmarried women who got IUDs became promiscuous as a result. Mind you, this was 2008, and she wasn’t some withered old harridan-she was in her late 30’s.

And a doctor’s appointment I had a few years ago with a man I’ll call Dr. C taught me a valuable lesson about patient-practitioner relationship-namely, if you want patients to come back, try not to scare the living hell out of them.

During this particular appointment with Dr. C, I had made a list of a few issues that were bothering me. (I hadn’t seen a doctor for awhile due to not having health insurance.) The four basic issues were a loud and crunchy knee, a lump in my breast, a slight tremor in my left hand, and a lump growing out of the side of my middle finger, right below the nail. Of these issues, I was only really worried about the breast lump and tremor-the other issues I just decided to mention in passing. This doctor, who I had never met before, was quite jovial, but pretty laissez-faire about it all. He listened to my knee crunching and said, “yeah, you have a crunchy knee. It’s not a big deal.” Then he looked at my tremor and said, “Yeah, you have a slight tremor. It’s not a big deal.” He felt my breast and said, “You do have a lump. Probably not a big deal, you might want to get it checked out though.” I thought, “Isn’t that what I’m doing right now?”, but I said nothing. If he wasn’t overly concerned, I probably shouldn’t be either.

Then he looked at the cyst thing on my finger. “Hmm,” he said. Hmm? He touched it and looked at it more closely. “Does this bother you in any way?”

It was ugly but painless, so I answered no.

“Well,” he said. “I have to say, this particular type of growth looks very familiar to me.”

“Oh,” said I, “Is it some kind of cyst?”

“Actually, the last time I saw this on a patient was fairly recently. It wasn’t a cyst, it was a sarcoma.”

At that time I didn’t have as much medical background as I do these days, so I had to ask what that was.

“Cancer,” he said somberly. “And not just any kind of cancer. Deadly. Fatal. Cancer.”

He actually said it like that, with a period after the deadly, fatal, and cancer! It was so surreal, I kind of thought he was joking with me. “Seriously? Are you being serious?”

“Unfortunately, yes.”

“Well..what happened to the patient?”

He looked me right in the eyes and said, “It spread through his entire body very quickly. It’s a very malicious cancer. We’ll schedule you an appointment to have it removed right away…and, did you come here alone? Did you want me to call anyone for you? You probably want to be with your family right now?”

It was that last sentence that really made it sink in-this guy knew I had only a little time left.

Except that you’re reading this article right now, several years later, so I guess you’ve figured out that perhaps I was misdiagnosed?

Fast forward to the surgery, and it was a cyst. It was on a nerve, so the recovery hurt terribly, but I am obviously alive and well enough to write this today. Fortunately, I am not the type to get upset over incidents like this, but another type of person would have had their last will and testament all written out. And I learned a valuable lesson-when you are dealing with people’s health, you have a certain level of power over them. Don’t abuse that! People are coming to see you because they trust that you will take care of them…and striking the fear of death into their hearts is not “taking care of them.” If you can spend years in school mastering the human body, surely you can master some communication skills as well.

Proactol Plus Reviews

Proactol Plus is a clinically proven fat binder that is supported by various leading health professionals and doctors. Six clinical studies have been performed on it and it has been proven that if you take Proactol Plus pills after every meal you can lose up to 28% of dietary fat intake. Along with this, it also decreases food cravings, lowers blood cholesterol and suppresses appetite. It is the safest alternative to liposuction.

There are various other weight loss products available in the market but Proactol Plus is the best amongst them because it is medically certified, and it does not cause any side effects. It is the next generation weight loss product.

Proactol Plus Reviews

Proactol Plus has been rated #1 weight loss product by the leading Doctors of the world. It gives quick, safe, pain free and natural weight loss. It is far better than other weight loss options like hectic workouts, dieting, prescription drugs and cosmetic surgery.

Proactol Plus is a clinically proven fat binder so it naturally binds the excess fat present in your body. This fat is then stopped from storing in your body and is excreted out, therefore you automatically reduce weight.

Although it works best with reduced amount of calorie intake and appropriate physical exercise. Proactol Plus is made of ingredients that are 100% natural and organic therefore it does not have any side effects or even allergic reaction. It is the safest diet pill available today!

Proactol Plus User Reviews

Proactol Plus has helped thousands of people worldwide to lose that extra weight. Its users say that they have never been so confident because of their excess weight but Proactol Plus has changed their lives forever as now they can do all those things that they always wanted to do.

Clinically Studies have proved, Proactol Plus will help you reduce:

  • Up to 28% of dietary fat intake.
  • Calorie intake.
  • Excess body weight.
  • Unnecessary food cravings.
  • Blood Cholesterol

Why Buy Proactol Plus today?

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  • It is an easy to swallow fat binder pill that is proven to give safe weight loss.
  • It is medically backed by leading Doctors.
  • Free Bonuses.
  • Customer discount for all members for future purchase.


All packages of Proactol Plus comes with a six month “Money Back” guarantee. It is proven to give 100% success rate. It’s natural and organic ingredients give you the desired weight loss that you have always wanted. Proactol Plus is your first step towards a healthy and happy life style still if you are not completely satisfied with it you are free to ask for a refund within the six month time. All your money will be refunded to you. Proactol Plus not only gives a guarantee for money back but it also gives a guarantee for safe weight loss.

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