Weight Loss

The Use of a Weight Loss Calculator

Weight loss calculators are an excellent and entertaining aid to losing weight. Not only do they help you calculate how much weight you can expect to lose in a given time but they will also inform you of how many calories have been burned or how much food intake needs to be reduced to reach a specific target weight.

The subject of weight can be an important issue to many especially as we age. Older people tend to slow down more and exercise less, the body’s metabolism also slows and weight is easily gained. More and more people are becoming aware of the health issues connected to carrying extra weight. A good weight loss calculator can help you to set and achieve realistic goals and to maintain an optimum weight.

They work by using certain basic information about the body – height, gender, age and current weight for example and then combining it with the daily activity level. It will then calculate how much weight you have to lose and gauge the amount of time it will take based on the information it has received. Losing weight can be a difficult challenge especially for older people as they tend to traditionally lead a more sedentary lifestyle. In order to succeed and to reach targets it is important to use all the help available. Weight loss calculators not only advise you of where you are in relation to your target but will help to spur you onward. Every journey starts with small steps, as you see your new exercise or healthy eating regime begin to work it becomes easier to achieve the next milestone and then the next and so on until you reach your final target.

They are also invaluable in calculating BMR, Basic Rate Metabolism. This is basically the level of calories a body needs to perform at a basic level. Once you have established how many calories are needed for the body to repair itself it will highlight how many extra calories the body receives daily. This allows you to easily calculate how many calories the body can manage without, making weight loss easier. If you eat more calories then you use, you gain weight. Eat less and you lose weight. The calculator will help to set an achievable and realistic target number of calories needed for weight loss.

The beauty of the Weight loss calculator is that you can also factor in your activity level. The more exercise or activities you perform the more calories you burn. If you have an idea about how many extra calories have been burned it becomes a lot easier to choose what types of food should be eaten to maintain healthy controlled weight loss. If, for instance, you have a party to attend and realize that you may not be able to keep to the confines of your diet it may be possible to increase your exercise levels in order to have more calories to ‘play with’. Again ensuring that all the hard work you have put into your weight loss program is not wasted.

One of the difficulties in losing weight is gauging how much weight will be lost by exercising. Once a basic level has been established it becomes much easier to judge how long it will take to achieve a particular weight loss target. This helps keep motivation levels high as there are less disappointments when the scales only move downward a little. Also when you see how many extra calories even moderate exercise burns it encourages us to continue or even increase these levels which can only be beneficial in aiding weight loss.

More and more people are catching on to the idea of weight loss calculators as they realize that they potentially are a valuable means of support. The more help available the better and the easier it becomes. Not only do they work but they are easy to use. Believe it or not they can also be fun as each target is reached and bettered. Weight loss can be achieved without the use of a calculator but why run the risk of failing. It has been proven that this easy to use aid will help maintain a healthy and realistic weight loss program. Give a weight loss calculator a try, you have nothing to lose, except weight!

HCG Diet: I Am POP So Why Am I Stalling?

A weight loss stall while on phase 2 of the hCG diet can occur even when you have followed the diet strict and have been perfect on protocol days before. You rush to the scale in the morning, so excited to see how much weight you have lost… and to your surprise, the scale has not moved. Everyone will experience their first stall somewhere between day 8 and day 11.

Why does a stall occur when you have been so strict and staying on protocol? After the first week on Phase 2, it is common for the body to fight you in dropping more weight. Your body is catching up with the rapid weight loss from the first 7-10 days which is where you will lose the most weight. Ignore this stall and move forward by staying POP (perfect on protocol) and the losses will come. They always do. Keep in mind that what you don’t see on the scale, you are losing in inches so it is best to keep accurate recorded measurements at least every 3 days.

Stalls can last anywhere from 1 day up to 5 days of no weight loss. A stall beyond 5 days is usually an indicator of another issue such as excess salt-induced water retention, constipation, lactose intolerance, menses, illness, prescription medications or eating off protocol.

If your stall does not break after 3-4 days of staying POP, you may try my most popular stall breaker, the Cantaloupe Plateau Breaker; at bedtime, eat half of a medium-sized cantaloupe (make sure to cut it yourself) and drink 16 oz. of water right before you lay down to sleep. You should lose between 0.5-3 pounds the following morning. Cantaloupe, a natural diuretic assists in pulling water out of the fat cell and this action works best while you are asleep. For dieters on the 500 calorie protocol, the 1/2 cantaloupe at bedtime will be your second fruit of the day. For dieters on the 800 calorie protocol, the 1/2 cantaloupe at bedtime will be your third fruit of the day. There is a 99% success rate for both protocols in P2. It really works!

The challenges of losing weight are definitely frustrating at times. We all go through the highs and lows and try to accept what we see on the scale, even if it not in our favor. A stall is expected and is part of the program. Also, it is very important to remain positive about your weight loss.Studies have shown that dieters who maintain a positive attitude about their weight loss actually lose more weight. Dieters that have a good coaching support system will also lose more weight and obtain their weight loss goals. A weight loss stall is expected so keep your chin up, move forward and then downward and remember if you stay POP, you will DROP.

Five Ways America Can Deal With Its Obesity Epidemic

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States and currently over 65% of the population is overweight. The combination of processed foods which are essentially empty carbohydrate calories, along with technology that has decreased the physical activity of Americans has led to our nation being one of the fattest in the world.

Here are 5 ways that Americans can lose some weight and hopefully make our nation drop in the category of which are the fattest nations in the world.

1. Drink alcohol after you order dinner. If you drink at a restaurant well before you order dinner, you may start to get a little buzz and it may take away your inhibitions when it comes to making choices off the menu that are healthy. Waiting until after you order with a clear head and then having a cocktail over dinner will be better for you in the long run.

2. Buy healthier food. The United States is a nation of fast food restaurants and processed food that is put on the shelf in a box, carton, or container. If a person can stop buying junk food and buy food that is high quality fresh and full of nutrients and actually may cost them less considerably in the long run.

If you buy produce that is fresh and in season, usually it is plentiful and will be priced to sell. You can save considerable money by joining a food co-op. Purchasing frozen fruits and vegetables can be a terrific alternative as they still have considerable nutrients in them and often times flavor is preserved. Also purchasing dried foods like chick peas and beans can give a person high quality protein and also be a good buy at the same time

3. The typical American consumes 35 teaspoons of sugar a day. This is typically part and parcel of eating a huge amount of processed foods and you also get a lot that occur naturally in fruits and vegetables. If you start reading the labels of the food that you purchase you’ll find a sugar in the name of ingredients such as glucose, honey, dextrose, fructose, maltose, sucrose, just to name a few.

4. Get more sleep. Failing to get enough sleep can lead to numerous health problems. Also some research has shown that getting more sleep can decrease tendencies for making poor food choices.

5. Exercise more. When you look at the physical activity of the United States, we’re pretty much at an all-time low. If you work on the 3rd floor in a building, try walking up the stairs each day going to and from work. Getting out for a walk once a day with your dog or your partner can be an excellent form of exercise for about 30 min. a few days a week. Exercise even helps if a person eats fast food regularly. It doesn’t completely couple the combat the fast food meal but it does help with a person’s blood vessels and potentially reduce cardiovascular disease.

The Potentially Unsafe Side Effects of Herbal Dieting Programs

The Potentially Dangerous Complications of Plant based Dieting Products

You can find so many dieting, fat burning and lose the fat solutions in the marketplace that it can be difficult making a choice. The selling point to products which are more natural will never be lost on people who provide such diet products. That is the reason why you always see the use of plant based materials on the labels because the marketing is successful. But there’s a strong word of warning to people with these products. First, many people see the words, natural or herbal, and they believe the merchandise is safe. So people simply read a product has 100 % natural ingredients and they use it. However, numerous herbal products do have probable negative effects, and there can often be dangerous bad reactions with prescription drugs. Another possible problem exists because some people may be hypersensitive or susceptible to side effects while others may not.

There is yet another major point to remember about herbal ingredients in diet pills. Probably the majority of the substances have not been fully studied by reputable and impartial research. What frequently takes place is a research analysis will be performed on behalf, and paid for by, the maker that wants to market the product. As is straightforward, that reveals certain concerns along the lines of neutral research. So it is hardly surprising when the results are optimistic and the claims are fantastic. There are usually many ethical challenges associated with that circumstance as is plain to see. The obvious likely loser in these products will be the people who buy and take them.

There are quite a few natural dieting products available, but few of these substances have been researched or proven to work in some degree. One exception to this rule is ephedra when used in combination with caffeine because they actually produce results for weight reduction. The US Food and Drug Administration ultimately banned ephedra because people became severely ill and some passed away from using it. Most recently a new alternative emerged, Hoodia was released on the market amidst significant amounts of marketing and hype. This product, which is a plant derivative from South Africa, has been analyzed to some extent. You should know that hoodia can present dangerous potential negative effects for certain people. The way hoodia functions is it stops the capability for the brain to realize thirst and hunger feelings. So this product should be treated with guardedness if used.

Here is a very good example of what can arise with unproven, untested plant based weight loss ingredients. Seventy people who took an herbal diet product in Belgium experienced complete kidney failure. About fifty or so more persons experienced damage to their kidneys. Also, there was evidence of lesions that were cancerous in a number of the kidneys that were removed from those people. The natural compound used was Aristolochia fangchi, but the alarming part was that it was mistakenly used in place of a totally different herbal ingredient.

There isn’t any question that herbs have their place in alternative treatments. The issue is any person who decides to take them ought to become knowledgeable before using any plant based product. The only solution to safeguard yourself is to understand as much as you possibly can and try to use products made by trustworthy businesses.

It’s a Great Time to Be on the HCG Diet

HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a hormone that has found a home being used in the regimen of weight loss.

In the world of dieting it is not too often that a diet comes along that can allow a person to lose one to 3 pounds per day for weeks, then be repeated, and then allow a person to lock in that weight loss forever. The biggest problem with diets is most of the weight comes back within a few years.

That is exactly what the HCG diet has allowed people to do. The diet has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity over the past 10 years. Interestingly, the diet has a severe calorie restriction associated with it. Patients on the standard hCG diet are only allowed consumption of 500 calories daily.

Over the past year, more modern weight loss doctors are allowing patients to consume 800 to 1200 calories per day. This modified calorie hCG diet has made all the difference in how patients view the ability to complete the diet. For instance, if the patient knows they’re going to have severe calorie restrictions in their diet it will make them want to cheat subconsciously by thinking they are not getting enough calories. Or because they are simply hungry.

In addition when you are able to increase the calories from 500 and double that up to a thousand, it allows patients the ability to exercise which is a primary components of how any good diet should be. The benefits of the hCG diet go beyond simply losing a lot of weight. That truly is the primary benefit is that patients look better, they feel better, self-esteem goes up tremendously.

But what really is additionally beneficial is that often times patients are able to lower their blood pressure, are able to stabilize their blood sugars, and are also able to get back vitality, energy, and sex drive with a new sense of enthusiasm for life.

Being on the HCG dieters are forbidden from eating processed foods. Foods on the diet are natural and do not contain significant saturated fat. It really does make individuals want to eat better which will help the patient shift into a new metabolic rate and then have it locked in. That means that future weight gain is not nearly as likely as with other diets. Individuals who will have a few pounds to lose may want to truly consider the HCG diet for their weight loss needs. It is a very doable diet and can completely change one’s life for the future.

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Unique Weight Loss Tips

One should remember that if a weight loss program is to be started that it should never be rushed, as these things will take time and effort in the long run. However there are many things to consider with whatever diet or caloric intake program you are on.

Remember to eat only when you are hungry, not as an appetizer or an after dinner snack. A good three meals a day will be sufficient to serve your needs. Include in your diet lots of water, it will help your cells expunge toxins and replenish your energy. 80% of our body is water so this is necessary.

Exercise as often as possible and at the very least keep fit. Inactivity will only promote your body to store more fat and heighten your glycogen levels, and the less you sweat the more your body will be unable to purge itself of toxins. Go out for a 2 mile walk, play with the pets and the children, and allow yourself a lot of sun to absorb during this time.

Make sure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. The necessary intake of fiber will help your body rid it of extra weight. A good goal to set would be 5-9 fruits and/or vegetables per day. Nutritionists recommend 50% of your diet to be raw foods. These can include foods like raw Cocoa and raw vegetables.

Supplementation can also be a huge key factor along with weight loss and exercise. Along with Raw foods, Superfoods such as Spirulina, Aloe Vera, Flax Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Cocoa and Greens blends can bolster your immune system and in turn make you feel full. Remember that 80% of your immune system is in your digestive tract.

In all circumstances try to avoid alcohol and sugar. Make sure to replace sugars with fruits if possible, and limit yourself to no more than a drink every other few days (if you do drink regularly). Try to find alternative approaches to manage stress and stress factors. Exercise your free time with books, music or meditation.

You can also apply a mono diet, where you only eat one thing at a time or several small things during the day if you can’t follow a 3 meal a day course. Researchers found that people that eat 4-5 small single meals a day were shown to exhibit better weight and appetite control.

And when your cooking, replace the iodized salt with sea salt. Add some herbs and/or spices to your food. Sea Salt and black pepper are excellent examples. This will have a purging effect on your system and will also purify your blood. If your going to cook your vegetables, make sure to flash fry them for a short amount of time (no longer than 3-5 minutes) so they retain 90% of the nutrients they came with when they were fresh.

Make sure to enjoy the foods you like with a smile! As long as you are supplementing yourself with proper fibers and vitamins (fruits, vegetables, raw foods, superfoods) and taking a viable amount of water and exercise in your system, then go for it! The isolation of your body from your favorite foods can lead to a feeling of deprivation and subsequently unsatisfactory feeling of exhaustion. Do not cut out your favorite foods entirely, simply eat them less often than normal.

Obesity and Being Undereducated or Poor?

Statistics show that obesity is often associated with lower incomes and less education. How can we make sense of that statement?

As humans, we need basically three conditions to make sure that we feel reasonably well and our needs are not substituted with feel-good-food or by emotional eating.

1. We need to understand what is going on in our own lives

2. We need to ability to shape and influence our own lives

3. We need to be able to feel that whatever happens around us makes sense and that we have found our place in our families and in society

These three key points are the foundation of what keeps us healthy, and, ultimately, at a normal weight.

Are these three components often lacking with poorer and less educated people?

Yes, as they no longer feel that they can shape anything to their desire due to the lack of funds or the lack of being needed or the feeling of not being able to make a difference. Even managers in corporations seem to break down, fall ill or end up with depressions when their creative freedom to shape events is somehow curtailed.

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Most people who ended up at the edge of society due to unemployment or poverty rarely feel that they are needed anymore; they rarely feel that they are able to make a difference in anybody’s life anymore. They also might have lost the sense of understanding on how to change their situations and what their life’s purpose might be, even though as child they, like everybody else, were hopeful that they would find a place in this life in which they would be able to bring meaning to their and other people’s lives. Lacking this kind of fulfillment is as if constantly living with some sort of craving and desire for something that cannot be satisfied or reached.

And this unfulfilled desire leads directly to overeating?

Especially for those who have learned as early as childhood that problems can be substituted with candy; children who fall down or cry get something sweet to ease the pain. Especially parents of poorer and lesser educated backgrounds are prime examples of customers who keep buying chocolate bars and other junk foods; they keep buying this stuff even though they actually have very little money available. But this audience is of course also very susceptible to advertising because they have had so many problems early on in their lives and have learned that they cannot really solve their problems, but rather only satisfy – and substitute – their desire for change and a better life.

So can this be considered a social problem?

Yes, in some ways these people are holding up a mirror in front of society and show where things are headed when people no longer care for one another; when people end up being labeled and stereotyped and are no longer given the room or the opportunity to make a real difference in theirs and other people’s lives. From this point of view, then, being unemployed is not so much a problem because of the lack of funds, but it becomes a huge problem because of the lack of meaning; because one can no longer contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Is this the reason weight loss classes on healthy eating don’t work so well?

To decide how to behave in certain life situations is based one’s life experiences up until now. Anyone who has learned that sweet and fatty foods will help satisfy their desires has developed an attitude like “If I am a little fat, what does it not matter?” or “The main thing to me is that it tastes good.” These attitudes are not purely cognitive, (i.e. we’re not always thinking about it), but stem from experience and conditioning. And every experience is distinguished by something that gets under one’s skin; something that is linked with a powerful feeling or emotion. Both components, the emotional and the cognitive link combined, will eventually lead to a conviction that a particular behavior is good for us, even if it is overeating bad foods.

So lecturing alone won’t help?

Exactly, because this approach won’t reach the emotional components. You cannot change an attitude by convincing people because you only reach the cognitive component; and you can not achieve change by punishing or hugging them all the time because you only reach the emotional components that way.

So what will help?

You should invite such people to encourage and inspire a new and different experience with themselves. For example, moving their bodies so that they can feel and get in touch and experience their own bodies again; or in relationships with other people, where they realize that they can actually talk with others without feeling bad or ashamed and where they feel that they can talk about problems and solutions as well. And, of course, in relationship to their role in this world and in society, where they realize that they are able to partake in shaping it and making a difference. For these steps to work, nutritional counseling alone is far from being enough. It sometimes it takes the help of a psychotherapists or a life coach.

Some might ask: Why won’t big people achieve this by themselves? They only need to get their act together.

This is the talk of the educated middle class, which itself had enough opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives and have thus learned that they can make it. But for those who are are used to not being able to succeed in anything and those who didn’t have any positive experience in changing themselves and those who were ridiculed at their whole life – how can they possibly have an experience of taking on self-responsibility? For these people the cognitive and emotional reasoning is so strongly developed and intertwined that breaking through and letting go of their substitute behavior of overeating is rather difficult.

So we need a new approach towards helping people lose weight?

What we need is another relationship culture at home, at school, at work and in our communities. If our living together becomes so empowered that everybody can find their place in society and recognizes themselves as valuable to other people, we wouldn’t have many obesity problems. I am firmly convinced of this.

How to Lose Weight Using The Weight Loss Bully

Have you been desperately trying to lose weight all your life? Are you sick and tired of being seen as an overweight person? Have you been made fun of for your size? Won’t it be nice if you could lose all that weight as effortlessly as you put it on? If you had answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then read on.

First of all, you have to understand that your weight problem most often has multiple causes. You might believe that your overeating is the main culprit. Or that your sedentary lifestyle is causing you to put on weight. But many times, a number of different causes can be simultaneously contributing to your weight problem.

A comprehensive solution to your weight loss problem should therefore tackle the issue from a number of angles. It should advice you on the kind of foods that you should eat to lose weight. It should tell you what foods make you put on weight, and therefore need to be avoided. It must also educate you on the type of diet drinks that you need to add to your intake to help you lose weight.

Apart from dietary inputs, your weight loss solution should also advise you on the type of exercises that you need to do to help you lose weight and keep it off consistently. It must also address your mental attitude and emotions towards your weight problem and help you believe that you can win the battle.

Fortunately, there is a comprehensive weight loss product that does all these things. The Weight Loss Bully is a well-written E-Book that meets all these criteria and more. It is an informative weight loss solution that first of all educates you about the reason why you are the way you are, and how you can win your personal battle against being overweight.

Unlike other books on the subject that have been written by academicians who approach this issue from a purely theoretical standpoint, the Weight Loss Bully has been written by a guy who has gone through a severe weight problem just like you.

He exactly knows your struggles and can therefore help you lose weight and win your personal battle. Check this book out right now by getting your own personal copy. It could very well be the answer to your weight problem that you have been searching for all your life.

Losing Weight With Zumba – It’s Fun!

People dance or people exercise. The former is done for creative satisfaction and the latter for weight loss and fitness. But what if you could combine the two, and get the best of both worlds? It may not sound like such a new idea, but with Zumba, the latest dance-exercise weight loss mantra catching on around the world, this combination becomes more fun and effective than ever before. Here are some details on how Zumba helps for losing weight.

What Is It?

Zumba is the brainchild of Alberto Perez, an aerobics instructor, and it involves a combination of dance rhythms of varying intensities, all borrowed from different Latin dances. The music is also Latin, and the whole session involves intervals of fast paced, vigorous dancing, punctuated by spells of slower and more relaxed movements. A typical session is an hour long, and the music tracks play non-stop, which means that there is no period of complete rest. In other words, your body burns a serious amount of calories every second of that one hour!

How Many Calories Does Zumba Burn?

The calorie count expended by Zumba is the most impressive part for weight loss aspirants. An hour of Zumba can burn anywhere between 500 to 850 calories, depending on your body weight and fitness levels. For example, a 150-lb person is expected to burn about 535 calories during an hour of Zumba. Compare this to moderate swimming, which for the same person would burn less than 420 calories an hour, racquetball at under 500 calories an hour, and jogging at 680 calories an hour. In other words, Zumba is great for weight loss!
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How Popular and Genuine Is Zumba For Weight Loss?

Zumba may appear quite spontaneous, but it is anything but random. Ever since it was created in 2001, this dance-exercise routine has spread to over 110 countries, and 10 million people. The instructors are all fully trained, and there is a full-fledged Zumba academy in the US, where they are required to get a license. Besides, there are different kinds of sessions, customized for people with different levels of fitness and dancing skills. So, whether you are a beginner or someone who is already quite fit and a competent dancer, you can gain a lot from a Zumba class.

By bringing in intense spells of dance-exercise and periods of light movement, Zumba incorporates the principles of interval training. This is known to burn more calories than single-paced exercise, dancing or aerobics, and accelerate fitness levels faster. Indeed, with Zumba, you will not only burn calories, but also tone your muscles, boost your metabolic rate and improve your flexibility.

While Zumba is great for weight loss, it is also a lot of fun. One great plus point is that during your hour, you don’t feel like you are grinding out an exercise. This helps you stay motivated and interested. In fact, the Zumba Academy advertises some cases of people who lost up to 100-lb, with Zumba as their only cardiovascular exercise. So, do check out your neighborhood class. Zumba might just be the kind of weight loss workout you were looking for!

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Weight Loss Exercises and Tips for Women and Men

If you are dedicated towards losing weight, than it is not so tough to achieve your goal in few months. Few hours from your daily life and planning a daily routine to reduce weight would be enough to achieve a healthy and fit life. There are many weight loss exercises for women that can help to lose weight fast and also maintain a healthy body. These methods can also help men to lose weight but for that they have to take extra step and dedicate some time from their busy schedule for weight loss exercises.

Let me tell you now about some easy exercise routines that can be followed to lose weight.

  • There is nothing better than walking and running to lose weight. If you are just starting with the weight loss exercises then your body is not yet ready for running. Start with walking every day. Maintain a good walking routine of at least 2 hours a day. When you feel that you can walk without any trouble then understand that you are ready for running. Running should not be too fast. The best running speed is the one where you can breathe without problem.
  • Cycling can be a great way to lose weight regularly. Cycling helps you to lose fat fast. The lower part of your body including your back is exercised while cycling, so it’s very effective as an exercise. While cycling paddling fast can harm your muscles so it is beneficial to be steady with it. Gym cycling can give you better results than a real cycling but if you don’t have access to that then normal cycling will work effectively for both men and women.
  • Swimming is a great weight loss exercises for women. Swimming helps you to lose overall fat from your body. Continues movement of your limbs and muscles, while swimming, is the best exercise possible for women. Even men can get same kinds of weight loss results with swimming. However, don’t overdo swimming as it’s very tired in comparison to some of the other weight loss exercises. 2 or 3 times of one hour swimming per week can be good enough for women.
  • Active sports are great exercises for fast weight loss. Sports like tennis can be played in any recreation club and it’s also very enjoyable. Tennis not only will help you to lose weight but it also helps you to maintain a proper fit body. Always perform light freehand exercises or warm ups before you start a match or any sport. This will helps you in losing up your muscles and you will not face any cramps problem.

Weight loss exercises whether for women or men require total dedication. Always remember that it’s easy to gain fat but it’s always a tough job to lose weight.

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