You need to recognize the reasons to quit smoking to strengthen your resolve on quitting. I’ve been there, in that stinky place of being a smoker and I know what it was like to be addicted to cigarettes. It’s been over 25 years since I quit and like all others that have been there done that, I’m happy to be free of nicotine’s grip.
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Nicotine is one of the most powerful addictions and it requires knowledge, support and your discipline to be successful with overcoming its power to control you. These reasons to quit and why should give you the ability to strengthen your desire to quit smoking:

Health RiskSmoking is known to shorten one’s life span and it is said the each cigarette is worth 10 minutes more off a smoker’s life expectancy. Quitting will reduce the chances of lung cancer, emphysema, heart attacks, stroke and other lung diseases. Over time your health will improve. It is said that after 15 years of smoking cessation your overall risk of death has returned to nearby a non-smokers.

The SmellSmoking stinks! You stink, your clothes stink and if you smoke in your house or car they stink and everything in them stinks. Cigarette smoke smell is vial and the film from the smoke sticks to everything. Quitting smoking will allow you to clean up yourself and the things around you. You and they will no longer stink or be brown from the film of smoke.

Financial CostSmoking is expensive and the cost to you are not just limited to purchasing the cigarettes. Smokers have additional cost if they smoke in their house or cars. The value of these items is depreciated because of the smoke damage or requirements for cleaning. Life and health Insurance premiums cost more if you are a smoker. Homeowners insurance can usually be found for less by non-smokers. Smokers, due to higher risk factors to their health, die sooner than non-smokers and lose out in uncollected pensions that they paid premiums for. It cost more for a smoker to keep up their appearance with teeth cleaning, extra dry-cleaning cost, and extra packs of mints or gum. By quitting you will start saving and investing the money that used to be going up in smoke.

Socially Not AcceptedThere are more non-smokers and ex-smokers than smokers. Smoking, because of the health risks of second hand smoke being just as harmful as inhaled smoke has reduced smokers to second class citizenry. Smoking is being banned from more and more places. Those restrictions are being place upon smokers to protect the vast majority whom choose to never smoke and those that have chosen to quit. By quitting you will join this majority and benefit in the restrictions to smokers.

Regain Control of Your LifeSmoking is an addiction and the addiction to nicotine is controlling your life. It is robbing your time and health with its need to fill the cravings with absolutely no benefit to you. How many times a day do you smoke and for how long? By quitting you will regain control of your reality and your time. You will no longer be addressing the whims of the nicotine monster.
With all that said, there are many other reasons to quit smoking and there are many articles that you can find on the Internet referring to them. Research and learn as much as you can about quitting and the methods available to assist you. It is known fact that before you can successfully quit you must want to quit. So if you are in that mind space use these reasons and others you find to strengthen your resolve and move forward to the next step.

Quit and joint us the majority! How many more very good reasons do you need to become an ex-smoker?