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6 Ways to Prevent ACL Injuries

ACL Injuries are all too common. Unfortunately, this epidemic strikes women almost 5 times more than men. Most ACL injuries require expensive surgeries and physical therapy, and also come with a lot of emotional baggage as well. It is incredibly important that we focus on preventing ACL injuries in order to minimize these devastating repercussions. While you can’t strengthen the actual knee ligaments, you can strengthen the muscles and tissues surrounding the knee.

  • Avoid Vulnerable Positions: This simply means to try and avoid things that can injure you. Sounds common sense, but when you’re playing in the heat of the moment you rarely think things through logically.
  • Cross-Train or Work on Soft Surfaces: In order to supplement your current workouts and avoid injuries try either cross training or doing your running on soft surfaces. Running on these man-made surfaces put a tremendous amount of pressure and strain on you knees (and other joints) because the hard ground doesn’t absorb any pressure.
  • Increasing Flexibility: There are two main ways to increase flexibility. The first is by incorporating (more) dynamic stretching. You should be stretching dynamically before every practice to properly warm up your muscles, and static stretching after every training and game. Stretching everyday is really the only way to make significant improvement.
  • Increasing Strength and Correcting Imbalances: You should be strength training by correcting muscle imbalances and training movements. Most younger athletes train like bodybuilders, and this is completely wrong. Training functional movements is the key to developing core strength and stability.
  • Incorporate Plyometric Training: When you get above the age of 12, you should begin to incorporate more plyometric exercises in to your training. The reason younger kids shouldn’t do it is that it stresses the joints and can potential lead to injury.
  • Increasing Proprioception: “Proprioception is the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body. Even if you are blindfolded, you know through proprioception if your arm is above your head or hanging by your side. The word “Proprioception” was coined in 1906 by the English neurophysiologist Charles Sherrington who received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1932 for research on the function of the neuron and study of reflex action.”
  • Proprioception basically is like your body’s sixth sense of being able to identify where it is in the surrounding space. It’s largely responsible for the unconscious movements your body makes.

    By incorporating these six elements, you’ll stand a far better chance at minimizing serious injuries. Especially in youth sports, serious injuries can leave an impact for years. This could range from missing out on a season to getting cut from a roster and long-term or recurring pain. It’s important we combine injury prevention training in to our regular training regimen.

    Have Your Wheat Free Cake And Eat It Too

    Wheat Free Cake Substitutes

    Many people are really unsure how make required changes to their dietary intake in order to get their body’s functioning properly once they have been diagnosed with with a wheat intolerance. This usually leads to the misunderstanding that any food with wheat as an ingredient is no longer allowed. You can certainly still eat your fair share of cakes and deserts by making a few simple changes to the desired foods ingredients. Nowadays there are plenty of flour substitute products which can be used in cakes that are totally wheat free. Many of the following wheat flour substitutes are superior to wheat in their nutritive qualities as well. OK, one of the most easily digest able grains would have to be Millet. It is also the least allergenic. It is a good source of silica and protein and millet flour can be used for baking.Another alternative to Millet is Sorghum grains. It is a cereal grain that is ground to produce sorghum flour. Amaranth is another grain which is ground for baking. Also for a really good source of magnesium, silica and also calcium you should consider Amaranth. In parts of Mexico Amaranth flour is used as a means to fight malnutrition.

    So as you can see you will still be able to have your cake and eat it to, but one must also consider that there are certain types of flour that you should avoid. Brown, Bulgar, cake, granary, durum, plain and self-rising flours should all be avoided due to the wheat they contain.Also Whole meal flour, Semolina, Triticale, Sauce flour, Kamut, Spelt, and Graham flour should all be avoided as well.You may find the issue at hand is not the actual substitution of the flour. The issue might be; where can these different kinds of flour be purchased? Many with the wheat flour substitutes listed above are available at natural health shops, many Asian food stores, or on line. With the growing recognition of substituting wheat gluten in cake recipes, several with the primary grocery stores are beginning to catch on and now stock these flours and grains. Plus, individuals who’re not wheat illiberal but are just searching for a healthier option to wheat gluten are also driving this popularity as the benefits of these non-wheat grains are now becoming apparent.

    It is important to understand the difference between gluten intolerance and wheat intolerance. If you suffer from gluten intolerance then you must not eat anything containing gluten. For instance they can not consume wheat gluten, rye or barley and any other cereals that include gluten. But, somebody who is wheat gluten intolerant can consume rye and barley because of to the fact that the main culprit in their intolerance is wheat gluten. There is no avoiding the fact that some foods, like breads, will taste differently then those that are made with wheat gluten flour substitutes. The texture of such meals may also be various. It’s the gluten in wheat gluten that binds the dough and helps the bread to rise. Intolerance to meals get worse with age and are likely to increase the conditions that might already be in existence like, heart disease, liver, kidney and lung issues. It’s also a proven fact that like allergic reactions that run in families, the same applies with meals intolerance. If a member of the household is illiberal to a specific meals, it is extremely most likely that an additional member will also are afflicted by the same intolerance or that it might be passed on to the subsequent generation.

    Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins

    An extremely life changing experience is having a baby. Prenatal Vitamins is the one thing that you should remember in all the excitement of planning nurseries and buying cribs and cute baby clothes, and much before you even conceive.

    Yes, prenatal vitamins are a must in today’s lifestyle where women do not meet their sufficient nutrition requirements from food alone. Most women don’t have time to eat proper nutritious food because it’s a hectic, fast paced life. So, you need to consult your doctor and start taking vitamins, if you’re planning to have a baby, before conception itself.

    Prenatal vitamins have to be taken prior to, during and even after pregnancy simply because at this crucial time the body’s stores are depleted as the body prepares for the baby.

    Why are prenatal vitamins vital?

    Prenatal vitamins contain a combination of important vitamins and minerals that are required for the healthy growth of the baby. If these vitamins are taken at least six months prior to conception, then the chances of birth defects are reduced greatly.

    Medical studies have shown that most birth defects usually occur within the first 28 days after conception and sometimes women aren’t even aware that they have conceived. The only way in which birth defects can be avoided or prevented are when you take prenatal vitamins before conception. Most birth defects can be prevented by a program of wholesome prenatal nutrition. Folic acid is only one of a long list of nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids that reduce birth defects and boost the health of newborns.

    Some of the vitamins and minerals that you can find in a common prenatal vitamin are:

    Folic acid – This is one of the most important components of a vitamin. Folic acid helps tremendously in reducing the occurrence of neural defects such as spina bifida. Spina bifida occurs in the earliest stages of pregnancy when the spinal cord is not closed, exposing the nerves and resulting most often in paralysis and even mental retardation.

    Natural sources of folic acid include green leafy vegetables, nuts, orange juice and other citrus fruits. Despite these sources, if you want to make sure you have adequate folic acid, it is better to take a supplement in the form of a vitamin. Folic acid is also known to prevent another serious defect, hydrocephalus, which is an incurable condition in which cerebrospinal fluid abnormally gathers in the brain’s cavities causing neurological dysfunction. Doctors recommend at least 400 mcg of folic acid in a day.

    Calcium – Calcium is found in natural sources such as dairy products, eggs, soya beans, nuts and fish although it is highly recommended that you take supplements as they can be absorbed better by the body. As the fetus grows inside the body, it starts depleting the calcium in the bones of the mother’s body because it requires them for its own growth. Due to this, you could lose your own bone density and it could cause numerous problems later on, osteoporosis being just one of them. Calcium supplements provide the growing fetus with the required calcium sources.

    Iron – When you are pregnant, the body produces more blood and as a result uses up more iron from the body. One of the most common problems that pregnant women are beset with is anemia. Because of this iron deficiency, anemia occurs and can cause fatigue and tiredness. Other complications could also result because of anemia. Iron supplements however are typically taken after the first trimester.

    The proper prenatal vitamin

    It’s effortless to secure a prenatal vitamin over the counter these days, but if you are specific about your and the baby’s health, a good idea would be to consult with your doctor before you conceive and ask them to recommend one for you. The reason is that your physician knows your medical history and will be equipped to suggest a prenatal vitamin that has all the perfect components of vitamins and minerals for you.

    Possible risks linked with prenatal vitamins

    While prenatal vitamins are essentially good for a pregnant woman or one who is planning to conceive, sometimes they also come with a few risk factors. Some prenatal vitamins can trigger side effects of an allergic nature such as hives, swelling of throat and mouth or difficulty in breathing. If any of these reactions occur, you should consult your doctor quickly.

    A few over enthusiastic individuals sometimes consume multiple supplements and this can cause more harm than good because excess levels of certain vitamins in the body can become toxic. Other minor problems include nausea or constipation and doctors recommend that you drink a full glass of water while taking prenatal vitamins.

    Barring this, prenatal vitamins are excellent sources of important nutrients for the mommy and the baby. Of course, you should include fresh and nutritious food in your diet as well and not exclusively depend on vitamins.

    Take Management of Your Health and Fitness

    Health and fitness is your business and taking personal responsibility for one’s own health is the key. Your health and fitness is in your power, and activity may be a fundamental element of keeping healthy and fit. As a result of of its impact on wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and husbands, health is really a family issue. Health care and fitness is in our hands and will ultimately influence each aspect of life.

    In its most general meaning, physical fitness is a general state of excellent physical health. Discover healthy recommendations on exercise, eating right and private care. Select physical activities that match in along with your daily routine, or choose recreational or structured exercise programs, or both. Exercise offers additional edges for health compared to calorie restriction however prior to participating in any exercise program or activity, you should look for the recommendation of your physician or other qualified health professional. Exercise is one of the simplest things you’ll do for your health. 60 p.c of Yankee adults don’t get enough exercise to improve their health but exercise physiology is rapidly turning into increasingly vital within the delivery of health care.

    The Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity recommends getting thirty minutes of exercise on most days of the week. So simply why ought to you get active and the way very little exercise can you get away with? One session of exercise improves lipids and vascular function therefore even a single session of exercise can improve your health. Analysis confirms how important exercise and physical activity are to maintaining health and independence for older adults, and those on a traditional cardio exercise program saw their health improve a lot of than twice as much as those on a walking regimen. There is some evidence that links exercise to raised prostate health, and vigorous exercise helps to scale back abdominal fat. Walking may be a standard type of exercise, however could not be enough to expertise vital health benefits, a University of Alberta study shows. Remember that how well you eat and the way a lot of or little you exercise currently affects not only your present state of health however also later life. Vigorous exercise involves minimal health risks for persons in sensible health or those following a doctor’s advice.

    Everyone knows that regular exercise improves your health and helps you are feeling good. With exercise, elders will improve weakened physical abilities and ought to do weight-bearing exercise (like walking) regularly. To burn a lot of calories it’s higher to exercise for a extended time. Fortunately, exercise will be free (not counting what you select to pay on health-club memberships, workout clothes and bottled water).

    Diet and lifestyle selections affect health and well-being, as do food safety policies and practices. Diet could be a big contributor to health, but the science is advanced and constantly evolving. A balanced diet and regular physical activity, along with restraining from smoking, are necessary factors in the promotion and maintenance of excellent health. There’s way a lot of analysis on diet and health available now than there was 30 years ago, and cholesterol continues as the main focus of diet and health advice. By eating a well-balanced diet and exercising frequently, you are paving a path of excellent health. A smart diet is central to overall smart health, and several ladies health and fitness connected issues will be avoided if careful attention is given to diet, specific nutrients and exercise.

    Human nutrition is enormously advanced and a healthy diet might vary widely in line with an individual’s genetic makeup, setting, and health. Folks diet for 2 primary reasons, to lose weight, to fix health or both, but not each diet can work for you. Crash diets and diet pills will compromise growth and aren’t counseled by many health care professionals. Select a diet that’s low in saturated fat and cholesterol and moderate in total fat, and a detailed diet plan that states what, how, and when someone can eat and drink. Fruits and vegetables are key parts of your daily diet.

    Fatigue Natural Solution

    Fatigue is something almost all of us struggle with today. Our busy lifestyles and responsibilities have us run ragged by the day’s end. Perhaps we are working harder than ever; but there seems to be more to the story than just working harder. Chronic Fatigue is increasing at an alarming rate along with so many other ailments in our modern society. The statistics are shocking.

    Everyday there seems to be a little more realization that our health is in jeopardy. The EPA has warned us in an ever so soft voice that our homes are environmentally polluted by the chemicals that are allowed in use. Most people are completely unaware that there are 80,000 untested chemical substances; many of them could be adversely affecting our health.

    Our bodies are undernourished, and we continually eat highly processed foods. In the back of our minds, we have heard how these foods are nutrient diffident, but we go on eating them anyway. I know; the busy lifestyles and schedules make it difficult to avoid. Our batteries are worn down, and it gets harder to get our engine started in the morning; let alone keep it running all day.

    Our doctors don’t help much with the pills and powders. How could they, they are never taught about nutrition in medical school? In fact, as scary as it may seem a waitress who goes on a diet may know more about nutrition that the average doctor. When did you ever go to the doctor and he asked you “what have you been eating?” Strange thing is we all know it’s true; we are what we eat.

    So some of us take supplements, hoping they will help with fatigue. I think, most of the time we wonder if the natural supplements do us any good. Why, because we don’t feel any better other than we feel good about taking them. Sadly to say one in thee dollars spent on vitamins is a complete waste of money because over 1/3 of the supplements are ineffective on the market today.

    Yet there is good news. There is a way to completely get all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need at optimal levels to provide abundant energy and vitality. A solution to fatigue that has worked for thousands of people who have taken the powerful formula. Sometimes there are products that hit the mark, and even go beyond what you expect. The results of this doctor formula, a scientific blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants has been so successful that two double-blind clinical studies were conducted in humans to prove what it was doing in the body. Xanthones are the most powerful antioxidants in the world, and this scientific blend contains the highest levels. This scientific ionic blend is an ideal natural solution for fatigue and long-term health and vitality supplying optimal levels of all nutrients.

    Three Steps to Chiropractic Wellness

    There are many things that can bring on chiropractic pain, whether chronic or acute. If you were feeling an abnormal amount of pain, it would do you good to see a Saint Charles Chiropractor. The state of your spinal column determines your health in many ways. The spine carries responsibility for all your bodily motions. That is a very important function, and it is important for you to provide it with the best environment to carry out its task. Being aware of chiropractic wellness and the way in which your back influences your body is the first step. The next step is to take measures that lead you on a path of chiropractic wellness and overall health. There are several key and simple ways you can prolong the wellness of your spinal column. Note that all of the below are also aspects of an overall healthy life.

    Eat right

    One very important aspect of chiropractic health is the food you eat. Over eating and becoming obese are the exact opposites of caring for your spinal column. If you have a problem with over eating, you should see a therapist and make a commitment to live a healthy life. The average person can also make a commitment to eat the kinds of food that facilitate chiropractic wellness, strong bones, and clean blood circulation. Eating plenty of fruits and fresh vegetables, helps clean your blood stream of toxins that make you weak and susceptible to disease. Drink at least eight cups of water a day, and make sure you are getting enough vitamins and calcium in your diet. If you are not able to eat certain foods that are rich in vitamins for any reason, take supplements.

    Sleep right

    Choosing a mattress that is neither too hard or too soft will help your keep your back strong over the years. You spend almost half of your life lying down on your bed. It therefore stands to reason that your bed be made of the material that supports your body in a way that is healthy. Mattresses that are too soft do not provide proper support. You may not feel the difference immediately, but over time soft mattresses cause your chiropractic wellness to decrease and increase the chances of back injury.

    Exercise right and re-energize

    Proper exercise is also a key to a chiropractic wellness. Whether you like to play basketball or do yoga, find some form of exercise that you can engage in regularly. Something that also goes hand in hand with chiropractic wellness is your state of mind. Negative thinking, anger, and stress release toxins into the body that concentrate in the spinal column right around the shoulders and neck. This can cause your shoulders and neck to cramp and cause chronic pain. It is bad for your body to hold onto anger and lead a stressful life. Find the answers to your questions of your heart and learn to live a healthy, balanced life.

    Being aware that the way you eat, sleep, exercise, and think affects your physical health will help you make wise life choices.

    Learn Massage the Indian Way

    Indian head massages are famous all over the world. They are believed to be over thousand years old. It can be said that this technique was used by women of that time to groom each other’s hair. This technique was gradually developed to give massages for relieving tension and stress. It also improves circulation of blood neck, scalp, back and face and this can lead to reducing wrinkles on your face. The clients also like it a lot as they do not need to remove their clothes to get the massage. Let’s learn more about Indian head massage courses.

    Many people are not sure whether they should get an Indian head massage course or not. The first thing you should understand is that there is hardly any side effect related to them. So you need not worry about this aspect. If you still are not sure, you can go for a beginners massage course offered at many places. The people who want to learn this technique should also not worry as there are many schools teaching this art. The basic physical requirements demanded are you should be able to stand and use your hands over a person’s head and that is it. The classes are usually held in the evenings and after a few weeks you will be able to answer questions related to the human skull and know about a lot of therapeutic techniques and their origins. There are both distance learning programs and in house massage therapy schools teaching this art. Usually Indian head massage courses are offered by those therapists who want to add more qualifications to their repertoire. This should not be a deterrent to the beginners because even if you are starting afresh but you believe in it, it is not going to be that difficult to learn.

    In distance learning programs the study material is sent in the form of text books and videos while in house schooling practical demonstrations are given to students. They also ask the students to try the various techniques on each other. There is a certain requirement that you will need to fulfill before you can actually join such a course. A person needs to have knowledge of psychology, physiology and anatomy and are also required to show the competence to handle stress related to such work. To learn about the Indian head massage courses you will need to have great communication skills and should be well presented always in front of others. Generally head massage courses are taken up by people in the field of beauty and hairdressing but others can also give it a try.

    The examinations held at the end of the Indian massage courses are a combination of practical examinations and written tests. In practical examinations the students are asked to perform a massage on an actual client who then gives a rating to the student. You should have deep knowledge of the oils you use and should be able to know which client’s body type will accept what types of oils. The advice you give to the client after the massage will also be tested.

    Venapro Testimonials

    The activities with venapro are otherwise known as as Venapro testimonials. Venapro testimonials are not a evaluation concerning the product. It doesn’t include the ingredients list, time limits for money back guarantees, and numerous other problems specified within the reviews. The Venapro testimonials include activities of both minor and severe cases of hemorrhoids. In fact, every day they have to pass on with the pains about the anal region. But this is extricated with the help of venapro, the homeopathic therapy for hemorrhoids.

    The cynical people who don’t think the claims of venapro also buy the product, as they’ve the money back ensure. To begin with one has to take the oral drops of venapro to ensure that all the symptoms like bleeding, itching, paining, and burning sensations are initially calmed down. Eventually the users are free of charge from hemorrhoids. Even the simplest task becomes the hardest 1. In fact, the first change they encounter would be the smoothened stools. The excitement is higher among the chronic sufferers of hemorrhoids. The clients of venapro include both fresh customers as well as the punters who’ve attempted other items in the market and at last encountered with venapro.

    Actually, the discomfort and relief explained within the Venapro testimonials effortlessly reaches the sufferers of hemorrhoids, so that they as well can expediently reach the product through the official web site. To purchase venapro you just have to fill within the order type and the payment particulars and there is no discomfort in obtaining the prescription in the physicians. Although it doesn’t require decree from physician, it is endorsed by Discovery Well being, Mayo Clinic and Medicinenet.

    Keep in mind, venapro results mentioned in the Venapro testimonials aren’t nine day wonder that fade away more than time, but total alleviation from hemorrhoids. The ingredients of venapro make sure to fortify and stimulate the immune system of the users, to ensure that the upshots are organic, with out any unintended effects. The sufferings caused by the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids are devastating. But they are prepared to share their encounter and cheer other individuals, who are experiencing the debilitating discomfort due to hemorrhoids, to employ venapro via their Venapro testimonials.

    Numerous individuals are skeptical about the products commercialized and sold through the websites. The wise individuals go searching for other options and when they read the Venapro testimonials, they get the self-confidence back in their existence.

    Vitamin D Pain Treatment

    By an added consumption of Vitamin D, pain can be relieved to a great extent, researches pronounce. At least 8 out of every 10 people experience pain in one form or the other in their span of life. The symptoms and causes of pain however, differ from person to person. A deficiency of Vitamin D is a cause for many forms of pain, the most common among which is muscle pain. You may feel that this deficit of vitamin D is rare. In that case, you will be surprised to know that in a recent study concentrating on the six regions of the world, namely Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, Middle East and Oceania, the results have revealed that vitamin D concentrations lower than 75 nmol/L were rather common.

  • Vitamin D Pain Relif Overview
  • Vitamin D is also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’. This is because the skin makes vitamin D when exposed to sunrays. It is then broken down by the kidney into active chemicals that function as hormones. Vitamin D is very important to help the body absorb calcium from food and retain it. Calcium is integral to bone health. Lack of Vitamin D can cause many problems, including pain and discomfort. Researches show that people with long-term pain are usually deficit in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency may be due to:

  • Lack of exposure to sun
  • Body not absorbing vitamins correctly
  • Lack of Vitamin D in the diet
  • With an intake of extra quantity of vitamin D, pain can be made to reduce. It relieves muscle pain, joint pain and pain in bones and back pain.

    Kinds Of Pain Treated:

    Consuming Vitamin D is useful for treating chronic pains like:

    Fibromyalgia: The muscular pain and weakness experienced by patients of fibromyalgia is often related to lack of vitamin D in the body. This however does not mean that the disease is rooted in this deficiency. It is functional in aggravating the symptoms.
    Osteoarthritis: It is the most common form of arthritis. Lack of vitamin D in body hampers the process of absorption of calcium. This in turn results in osteoarthritis. Low intake of vitamin D can increase this risk.
    Rheumatoid arthritis: It is a chronic inflammatory disorder. It mainly affects tissues, organs and synovial joints. Consumption of vitamin D is very important to patients suffering from this disease.
    Myalgia: It means ‘muscle pain’. Myalgia is the symptom of many disorders and diseases. Studies have revealed that almost 28% of patients have severe inadequacy of vitamin D.
    Diabetic neuropathy: It involves serious pain. An Australian research has revealed that vitamin D deficiency is common in patients suffering from type II diabetes. Vitamin D supplementation is an effective way to treat this problem.

    Since all these diseases engage painful conditions and in some way or the other, are triggered off by inadequate supply of vitamin D in the body, increased intake of vitamin D can help treat it.

    Treatment Process

    Treating pain with Vitamin D is cost-effective. You can consult your physician for advice. Along with other medicines and therapies, if one continues to have proper Vitamin D levels, pain will be mitigated to a good extent. Vitamin D supplements are available in two forms mainly: vitamin D3 and vitamin D2. Vitamin D3 is more effective in treating chronic pain. You can easily get them in online stores.

    Vitamin D Pain Treatment Effects

    Vitamin D is known to treat the possible source of pain and not the pain itself. You have to maintain your patience because it takes time to work. The relief is not instant. Research says that even if the pain treatment procedure is not very successful, you will definitely notice the following improvements:

  • The pain is reduced at least by some degree
  • You experience pain less frequently
  • You have to take less number of pain killers than before
  • Lessening of fatigue
  • Your overall health improves
  • Thus, we find, the vitamin D pain cure method is effective when supported by regular therapies. It is not an immediate medicine but it is definitely helpful when supplemented over time.

    Lapbanded Living

    I participate in many forums and act as a mentor to people researching weight loss surgery as well as those who have just been banded. In this regard, I receive many questions from those thinking about having lap band surgery. The following questions were so thought- provoking for me that I wanted to share them with this community.

    “It seems that a given number of people gain weight again after the first few years, thus “forfeiting” the intended effect of the lap band. How common is this?”

    We are all patients and it will take medical professionals to help assess what’s right for each of us and if any of our individual issues should be addressed prior to you having any sort of weight loss surgery.

    Let’s look at what failure and success really are. The lap band, with a moderate amount of input from the patient, can help us achieve somewhere around half of the weight loss we are looking for. When we fully commit to the permanent lifestyle changes required to attain and maintain a normal healthy weight our weight loss can be “results not typical”. The choices are ours. What I can tell you from my personal experience is that the lap band can control the volume I am physically able to eat at one sitting, but it doesn’t know what that food is so the choices are mine. Binge eating, or eating that whole bag of chips or that entire cake or pie is physically impossible for me at a single sitting. Were I to graze at it all day long, I’m sure I could find a way “to get it all down”. I do not choose that behavior any longer. Occasionally my emotional state will lead me to make poor choices, but I have much better control after 6 years of experience with my lap band. We have to understand that deep emotional eating issues are NEVER resolved with a surgery, but may require other forms of intervention, such as counseling. Anyone can figure out how to “eat around” a surgery and regain their weight either completely or partially. It’s not that the surgery is no longer “working”, it’s that the person has chosen to no longer work the surgery.

    “In line with this, some studies say that our bodies have memory, imprints of what our most significant self image was/is, and therefore need time to “adapt” to significant, rapid, weight loss. My own experience is that, even the times I lost significant weight, my mental image hadn’t changed and I didn’t really recognize the woman in the mirror as myself. I was only happy with the esthetics, but it was like they belonged to someone else. I invariably gained all the weight back, and more. The question then becomes based on the principle that the lap band, and/or other surgeries help us lose weight “reasonably” quickly, do our minds, or “internal memories” adjust adequately to these changes? Is the speed of the weight loss “dangerous” to our body image, because we have trouble “keeping up”?

    Regarding body image and losing weight so quickly that our minds can’t keep up with the changes- this is another entire emotional issue. Even after 6 years and maintaining a 250 lb weight loss I frequently do not recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror. This is REALLY when I count on my support system. I reach out for people to help me understand who I am looking at. While I am fully aware of the changes, the old adage ” You can never be too thin or too rich” always comes up for me.Looking at a before picture and a current picture of yourself offers some help in wrapping your head around the idea that the person in the mirror is really who your today and you then choose to be that person. What helps is that with lap band surgery the weight loss is not as rapid as with other surgeries, but it is steady.

    To summarize:

  • Surgery alone will not get you sustained weight loss. You need to participate in the process and work the surgery.
  • Emotional eating frequently needs to be addressed with a professional.
  • Understanding how the surgery works and what is required of you before you have surgery will help you achieve better results.
  • Body image issues are always tough whether or not they are connected to weight loss and may require professional intervention.
  • A good, strong support system can help you achieve and maintain great results.

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