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Early Detection is Better Than None at All

When it comes to our health, there are so many of us who would rather have our teeth pulled out one by one versus actually working up enough courage to go to the doctor. But why is this? Most people are terrified of making appointments to see their physician due to the fact that they are going to be hit with a cancer diagnosis as soon as they walk through the door. However, this is not always the case!

When you make an appointment to have a yearly physical, you are doing your body (and in a round about way, your family) a favor because in the event that there ever is something the matter with you, you will at least be in the early detection phases, which will allow doctors and/or specialists enough time to find treatment and/or a cure for the ailment. When faced with the reality of the situation, we know that we are not going to live forever. However, while we are still on this earth and alive, we should all want to do our parts in making sure that the lives we lead are healthy ones, free of disease. When your doctor is screening you for any problems, he or she is, in essence, trying to protect you from harm.

Listen to your body, but also listen to the doctors that you see because often times, they have seen cases like yours a thousand times before and can advise you in better ways than you can advise yourself. Often times, what is eating you up on the inside have everything to do with what you are feeding your body. In some cases, it may be necessary to see a nutritionist simply because you are not sure of what to eat. It is often when we are hungry and don’t know what to eat that we wind up succumbing to fast food restaurant chains or frozen dinners that are extremely high in saturated fat, salt and the like. Keep your health at the forefront of everything you do. You should make it your lifelong goal to eat, live and be healthy. This means getting up out of the chair if you work from home or at an office. Go for a brief walk around your office building, do some jumping jacks, jog in place!

The more active you are, the better your chances are at staying healthy and staving free of diseases such as cancer. Obviously, if you are smoking or if you have had issues in the past related to drug use or abuse, you should try to shy away from that. Additionally, try to avoid alcohol if at all possible. One glass of wine every now and then with dinner should be more than sufficient versus drinking a case of beer ever couple of days. The ironic thing is that while we may not be able to prevent all instances of disease and cancer from showing up, we certainly have it within our power to lead healthier lifestyles than what we are currently living.

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Most men will not admit it, but they are not able to prolong lovemaking long enough to be able to fully satisfy their partner. And more often than not they tend to look for ways on how to overcome premature ejaculation. This is because these men who can’t control their ejaculation and is not able to fully satisfy their partners, often find that it takes a lot of toll in their social lives.

One might realize that premature ejaculation is a problem encountered by not only a few men but a great number of them. Most times this problem leads to cheating and ultimately divorce. It happens when the woman is sexually dissatisfied with her man and looks for another to fill her needs.

Overcoming premature ejaculation may be easier than you thought. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this task:

1. Pay attention!

When having sex, pay attention to yourself, your reactions and what triggers your ejaculation. Figure out when you are about to ejaculate and when you reach this point, you can stop and take a minute before thrusting again. This pause will allow you to take control of yourself and allow you to last longer in bed. Plus this can drive your woman wild when you stop and pause from thrusting into her. But make sure that when you stop, you maintain the sexual pressure and pleasure by kissing or touching her in various ways so that she doesn’t stop feeling the sexual pleasure.

2. Try Control Exercises

You can try to use control exercises in order to improve your control and stamina over your erection. You can do this by masturbating and pause when nearing orgasm, wait until the feeling passes and repeat the process. Just make sure that you do not let yourself  ‘come’ when doing this exercise or else it’s just an exercise in futility. By practicing this you will improve your stamina during sex and prolong your erection.

3. Penis Exercise

You can also do some other penis exercises designed not only to prolong your erection but to make it harder and stronger, thus making your woman scream in pleasure. These exercises include Kegel’s exercises, Jelqing and Penis stretches.

Now that you know these tips to overcome premature ejaculation, don’t hesitate and try them now. You will soon last a lot longer and bed and will be able to please your woman all night long.

Benefits of a Good Diet

With a healthy diet, people have lesser risks to develop various types of diseases, illnesses and disorders of the mind and body. This is attributed to the fact that the right kinds of foods in the right quantities possess both nutritional and medicinal values. While the food nourishes the organs of the body to enable it to perform its normal functions, it also provides protection so that foreign invaders like germs, bacteria and other harmful organisms do not overrun the body itself.

In fact, many studies have pointed out that the various vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants in food help prevent certain types of cancer, shrink the arterial plaques and lessen bone reduction, to name just a few health benefits. Also, more and more people are adopting alternative forms of treatment for diseases with a healthy diet at its center.

And because of a healthier body, an individual is better able to perform the physical and mental activities required to live a happier, fuller and longer life. Plus, peace of mind can be had because worries about healthcare costs can be set aside.

In short, when it comes to the personal aspects of a good diet, physical and mental health is promoted while financial health is also protected. Now, that is as good a benefit as any for adopting a healthy diet today.

Plus, there is also the fact that with a healthy diet, losing weight is easier. Of course, it is also necessary to adopt an exercise program, get sufficient sleep and manage stress when trying to lose excess poundage.

As previously implied, it is not just personal health at stake but the national health as well. Such an impact is made possible in many ways. For one thing, the nation’s healthcare costs will be lessened with a healthier populace. In the process, the savings can then be diverted to other programs and projects like education, employment and infrastructure.

For another thing, the economy has another ally on its side in its journey toward recovery from the recession. With a healthier workforce, productivity among workers will increase in quantity and quality – human resources being a very important aspect of economic development and social progress.

We should all adopt a healthy diet for the sake of our personal and national health. It is very easy, too, since the ingredients of a good diet are all around us. We have fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and cereals, fish and lean meat as well as low-fat dairy products available in the grocery, supermarket and farmer’s markets. Just substitute your junk, processed and most frozen foods with these nutritious foods and you are well on your way to a healthier, fuller and longer life.

Causes Of Tiredness

Ever get that “Oh my God I need a nap right now!” feeling just as the afternoon is rolling around? Or ever wake up from a long night’s sleep only to find that you’re still tired? Me too. And to be honest with you, it’s a huge nuisance to have the fog of tiredness constantly hanging over you. But what’s even more frustrating, is that most people don’t even know what the heck to do about it. So many things contribute to our causes of tiredness that we end up desperately just trying to sleep more and throw our body further out of whack by taking naps and sleeping too long. Yes, you heard me right, there’s definitely a detrimental side-effect to too much sleep, and learning proper sleep habits is essential. However, I’m not writing this article just to tell you that you should get into a better sleep pattern, nope, I want to talk about two of the lesser known causes of tiredness and fatigue as well.

First up, diet. And no, this is only partially an “eat healthy foods” rant, I promise (again, there’s more to it than that)! People drastically underestimate the effect that not only what TYPES of foods you eat but what TIMES you eat your foods as well. For example, breakfast is extremely important for anyone who hopes to have enough energy to make it through the day because this is your body’s first chance to fuel up before being expected to exerted itself with daily activities. By getting in the calories early in the day you can drastically increase not only how strong and capable your body feels but also how awake and sharp your mind is as well.

In conjunction with your food diet, you need to also make sure that you are staying hydrated. Mild dehydration is one of the causes of tiredness that is talked about plenty enough, but not really understood. Basically what happens is this: Most of your blood is made up of water, a lack of water will result in blood that is thicker and moves more slowly throughout the bloodstream. While the measurable difference in consistency of the blood is minor, it does make your heart work much harder to pump the blood around to the necessary organs. This extra effort forces your heart to work harder and, because your body wants to reserve as much energy for the heart as possible, you start to experience fatigue as your body tries to tell you to rest up so that you can fuel the extra effort your heart is taking on.

In summarizing this point, I also should note that you want to try and have a high fiber and protein diet because these are the “slow burning fuels” of the body, eating sugary fatty foods will ultimately result in a crash a few hours down the road.

Exercise… of lack thereof. It is extremely important to have an active lifestyle, but don’t worry, I know we’re all busy and I’m not about to lecture you on health, I’ll stick to talking about exercise here as a cause of tiredness. ; )

Think your energy and tiredness levels as a supply-and-demand system. If your body is used to having to put out a lot of energy, it will stock itself up to accommodate that. However, if you are used to a low energy lifestyle, you’re going to find it hard when you have a day where you need to go the extra mile or choose to do something physically.

Constant exhaustion and sleepiness can result in a whole lot of complications not just in your physical health, but also in relationships, work productivity, and above all your psychological health and mood. Trust me, a well rested brain is a happy one and EVERYTHING is less complicated to cope with when you’re filled with energy. With the intention to assist other people uncover the methods I used to eradicate tiredness from my existence I’ve made a resource site that should be simply eye opening to you!

Sweaty Foot Problem

Many people suffer from an overactive sweat problem but choose to do nothing about it or do everything they can think of and nothing works. Most have some issue with different parts of their bodies such as underarm problems, face problems, hand problems, and others. One very common type of sweat problem is when feet perspire too much. While it might not be quite as embarrassing as other types of sweat issues, you still don’t want to have to deal with it and odor it brings to your shoes and feet. Let’s look at a few steps that can be taken to eliminate this problem.

What you need to do is make sure that your feet are clean. This isn’t just an issue of soap and water but also a matter of ensuring that any bacteria that may get on your feet are properly addressed with a thorough cleaning. The more bacteria that is on your skin, especially around the sweat glands on your, the greater the odor that will be created by that bacteria. This is why it is important to use antibacterial soap and not just your standard smell good soap that smells like some spring in Ireland. By using any antibacterial type of soap you will be able to address the odor caused by the bacteria which will eliminate half of your smelly feet problem.

There are many products on the market to assist you with eliminating the problem of wetness in your socks and shoes caused by the overabundance of sweating you do. The most common type of product you will find will be a foot powder sold in varying levels of strength which leads you to decide on the appropriate strength of the foot powder for you. Do not make the mistake most make by applying powder when your feet are not completely dry. Most foot powder products you can purchase over-the-counter not only keep the feet dry but are scented and will assist in odor control.

Another thing to try would be to try socks made of different materials. Many will swear that certain socks made of a particular material works best over another material. One that you know more than most is that socks made of cotton are the best in wicking away sweat from your feet keeping them dry. You need to try this out for yourself and if cotton is not working then by all means try other options such as a synthetic material. Professional runners have socks that are designed to breathe better and allow moisture to evaporate so keeping the feet dry and free from any odor causing sweat or bacteria.

Consider wearing a different shoe as well. Get a breathable shoe that will let your feet stay cooler and have more air flow to help keep your feet dry. If you have not already thrown away that old pair of shoes that you’ve been sweating in for months please do that now. If you want to eliminate the problem of having sweaty feet that will then lead to smelly feet why not just completely start over and let’s take this problem seriously and make you a happier person by eliminating that foul odor coming out of your shoes.

Whiplash Neck Injury

Whiplash is a term coined in the 1920s. It describes neck injuries caused by sudden, violent movements of the head. In recent years Whiplash neck injury has come to be associated with car accidents. Whiplash can result from injuries incurred during other activities. These include amusement park rides, horse riding, sports injuries, falls and many other ways in which forces act on the neck.

whiplash injury

The adult human head weighs upwards of 10 lbs. It is delicately balanced on a column of bones, the vertebra, between it and the shoulders. Think of the head as a bowling ball balanced on a few Lego bricks. Each Lego brick is attached to the next by tough fibers, the ligaments. The muscles surrounding the neck act like tent ropes to both stabilize the head and control movement. There is a vertical hole in the Lego bricks through which run the nerves of the spinal column connecting communication between the head and the rest of the body. Blood vessels run alongside. It is a beautifully designed system which lasts a lifetime until it is injured.

The Mechanism that Causes a Whiplash Neck Injury
We know what happens as over 1 million of these injuries occur every year in North America. In the common “rear-ender” the force of the moving car is transferred to the stationary one in front. The stationary car, with it occupants, is moved rapidly forwards. The force first moves the occupants heads backwards as it is transferred through the seat. Then the forward movement takes over. The body is fixed to the seat by the restraining belt and the unrestrained head moves forward in a whiplash action.

Simple. However this is not a gentle movement. The forward acceleration of the head on its delicate balance can be as much as 7G and in some cases much more. This creates a large kinetic energy. Just picture the bowling ball suddenly accelerating then instantly stopping.

The forward movement of the head is restrained at the end of its forward motion and experiences a rapid deceleration. The effect on the brain is not unlike being hit by a blow from a giant boxer. The cerebral cortex can become bruised and the nerves in the deep white matter experience damage by stretching and tearing. The sum of the damage from microscopic tearing throughout the area to measurable trauma is whiplash neck injury. The signs and symptoms can occur immediately or after a period of time. the more rapidly the signs and symptoms occur the greater the risk of serious damage.

Treatment after a Whiplash Neck Injury
These symptoms are the result of pain, inflammation, oxidative stress and tissue damage. The faster these factors can be resolves the more rapid and complete the healing.

Some people are incapacitated for life. Others experience a combination of symptoms and chronic pain.

What is testosterone?

In the same way that women agonize about estrogen boosting the incidence of breast malignancy, men are worry about the likely danger of prostate malignancy with testosterone. Prostate cancer is the second most identify melanoma in men and the second leading killer of men after heart illness.

The prostate gland is a little, chestnut-seized organ that sites precisely under the urinary bladder and has among its activity the production of semen and storeroom of sperm. Symptoms of prostate irregularity, which is able to take place when age forty, include frequent daytime and nighttime urination, slight pain or burning sensation all through urination, dribbling or stopping urine flow, and leakage of urine. The finest way to identify prostate cancer in the first stages is by analyzing Psa levels in addition to the digital rectal exam, where the doctor palpates the back of the prostate with a finger.

Since testosterone has the ability to activate prostate cells, there is fear that it may possibly make worse problems like benign prostatic hyperplasia, a no cancerous swelling of the prostate, or promote an undetected cancer. For this goal, it is significant to have regular prostate exams and Psa analysis.

Just as with estrogen and breast cancer, it could be that multi hormonal substitute with testosterone, Dhea, melatonin, and human growth hormone present the greatest protection for men against prostate cancer. Some researchers accept that overall hormone replacement counting melatonin and Dhea has immune regenerating and caner-surveillance assets that guard against prostate caner. There has been no increase in Psa levels or announced cases of cancer in over 800 patients that they have treated. In one patient who had exceptionally high Psa levels indicating prostate cancer, which was established on biopsy, the Psa levels dropped to close normal after he was treated with human growth hormone!

The same risk-versus advantage considerations apply to hormone replacement in men as they do in women. Amongst the announced adverse side effects are atrophying of the testicles with long-term practice, excessive red blood cell and hematocrit count, depression, fluid retention reduced sperm count and volume of semen, and reduced HDL cholesterol. Testosterone in a powerful medication and must only is employed if your levels are less than normal.

The top way to retain typical levels of free circulating testosterone (and human growth hormone) is with regular vigorous work out, particularly treadmill running and weight training. If your levels of free testosterone are depleted and you hope for to bring your levels up to that of a young man, consume pure natural testosterone, which could be administered by cream, suppositories, a patch bind to the scrotum, a cream applied to the scrotum or oral micronized capsules or sublingual human growth hormone spray.


A campaign to malign homeopathy as witchcraft is on again. The only scientific system for healing discovered by a German Physician Samuel is easy to learn and practice and provides the cheapest cure with quickest healing in almost all diseases. Name of this all time great doctor and genius cannot be mentioned in full because it (the name) fails to pass the compulsory spell-check test.

Naturally it does not suit the interests of traditional practitioners of medicine. They have refused to see the logic inherent in homoeopathic system founded on sound principle “a substance that creates certain symptoms of a disease in healthy humans is the cure for a sick with like symptoms”.

Homeopathy is the only system which potentially cures many of so called genetic diseases through what they call constitutional medicines. These medicines are so mild that there are no side effects and yet they act so strongly on the systemic disorder as to change the constitution forever and rid the patient of the genetic diseases.

Homeopathy has a cure for all lifestyle diseases like hypertension and all kinds of diabetes and heart disorders. The cure is fast, without surgery and lasting. Furthermore, the patient does not have to depend on life saving medicines and hence is saved the horror of gradually increasing doses of poisons fed by the traditional doctors.

Homoeopathic medicines work in all cases without exception. They provide quick relief to the patient and cost almost nothing. Cost of a dose will rarely exceed $0.01 – Yes, that is correct – one cent.

There is an extremely wide range of preventives and palliatives in homoeopathy, so, this is the only system of medicine that has the potential to eliminate diseases and prevent them. It has a unique set of medicines that can free the children to be born of all chronic / hereditary diseases provided the mothers to be are given the required number of doses during pregnancy.

Founder and discoverer of homeopathy was a traditional doctor. He was disillusioned by the traditional system when his children died in infancy in a row. His profound faith in God and trust that so many children could not have been sent just to die in their infancy made him shun the traditional system and perform a chain of experiments that ultimately led to the discovery of homoeopathy. This was followed by birth and survival of his many children through the use of this unique system.

The much maligned science and art of homeopathy is the only system that can provide immunity to mankind from leprosy, diabetes, tuberculosis, migraines and congenital birth defects etc. It can cure most cases of jaundice in the shortest imaginable time and can even immunize people against mosquito bites. One has to experience it to believe. There are medicines in homeopathy whose single dose is enough to protect you from mosquito bite for months and in certain cases for years.

All this makes homeopathy the enemy of every traditional practitioner of medicine or allopathy because the day homeopathy gains acceptance, it will be an end of the world for them. Lastly, a practitioner of homeopathy has to be an extremely intelligent and observant soul in order to prescribe correct medicine after a complete study of individual symptoms. This last condition puts homeopathy beyond the intelligence of most doctors created by medical colleges today as this system of treatment lies far beyond the realms of their capabilities of reason and understanding. Hence, they take the easy way out and malign it as witchcraft just as geometry and astronomy were by the people of an ancient era.

Insulin Resistance

Unfortunately there is more and more evidence of insulin resistance around the world as eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles continue to impact upon long-term health. So if you are resistant to insulin what exactly is it and how can it affect your lifestyle?

What is insulin?

Insulin is a naturally occurring hormone within the body which effectively controls the level of the glucose in the blood. Insulin is created by the pancreas and is used to regulate the level of glucose in your blood amongst other things. It is the body’s way of prompting cells and organs to ingest glucose from your bloodstream thereby reducing the level of glucose in your blood and increasing energy supplies within your body.

Glucose is effectively the energy source for your body and is therefore vital to your overall health and well-being.

What is insulin resistance?

As the term suggests, this is effectively a medical condition whereby the impact of insulin is less and less on your body and therefore the level of glucose in your blood can rise to dangerous levels. This can often be a pre-condition related to type II diabetes which is often referred to as a lifestyle medical condition.

Symptoms of resistance to insulin

If you are resistant to insulin you could suffer more of the following conditions:

  • Physical fatigue
  • Mental fatigue
  • High blood sugars
  • Bloating of the intestine
  • Lethargy after meals
  • Excessive fat storage in the abnormal region
  • Higher than normal blood triglyceride levels
  • Hypertension
  • Depression

As you will appreciate, many of the above symptoms of potential insulin resistance are common occurrences in the modern-day world which means they can often be overlooked. Therefore it is vital that we are extra vigilant with regards to potential insulin resistance and the knock on effect this can have in later life.

Can insulin resistance be reversed?

The good news for those in the early stages of insulin resistance and potentially moving towards type II diabetes is the fact that insulin resistance can be reduced simply by improving your diet and additional exercise. However, once your body move towards the pre-diabetes type II stage and beyond you may require medical treatment for the rest of your life. Insulin resistance, and type II diabetes in particular, is often referred to as a lifestyle medical condition related to obesity and a lack of exercise.

Is this a new medical condition?

The truth is that insulin resistance is a condition which has been around for some time now but is becoming more and more prevalent simply because of a change in lifestyle for many people. The warning signs have been there for some time with regards to the potential problems for the future and indeed while many people are taking on board such issues, there are more and more people unwilling or unable to change a relatively unhealthy lifestyle.


If you are resistant to insulin you need to seek medical guidance and assistance to ensure the condition is controlled and does not develop into something more serious. Regular medical checkups should be adopted by everybody as they can prove literally life-saving in many cases.

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