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This is Why Women Don’t Have to Take Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

A huge number of men around the entire world got the opportunity to begin a new life, which was made possible by dint of Viagra – special medication, which made a breakthrough in the sphere of the sexual relations of 2 sexes. This drug is the way out, when it has been put paid to love life, due to the age, or because of problems with the health. Thanks to Viagra, these people get a second chance to experience a sexual life with even more pleasure than it has been before; they discover a completely new possibility of obtaining pleasure from sex. Many people with the help of Generic Viagra saved values ​​such as family life, inward peace and reputation. It helps cope with the many problems that hamper to feel a real man.

Women Don’t Have to Take Viagra

We can say with confidence that the opening of sildenafil, which is the main active actual substance of the known to all drug Viagra, has been a real revolution in the pharmaceutical industry. The problem of the male potency is quite simple to solve now.

Men quickly appreciated the convenience and the high efficiency of the new medication. Canadian Viagra is very popular, despite the relatively high cost. Many men felt the joy of a full sex life. There are a lot of stories and even legends about the effect of the miraculous pills. Of course, women couldn’t ignore this. Despite the fact that the Canadian Viagra was developed exclusively for the men suffering from the erectile dysfunction of varying severity, many women want to test this medication. How does Canadian Viagra work on women? Is it possible for women to take Viagra? Let’s find it out.

What is Canadian Viagra?

Canadian Viagra is one of the most important medications for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction (get more info about Viagra at Canadian Pharmacy: The action of Viagra is designed for the natural mechanism of erection – it helps to call the natural erection. Viagra works only if there is the natural sexual arousal of the male organism. After the completion of the sexual intercourse, the penis relaxes again. The usage of Viagra is very effective, because it is itself not an aphrodisiac. It is appointed for the men suffering from the various forms of the erectile dysfunction (cardiovascular, nervous disorders). And it is the chance for them to improve their sex lives.

Sildenafil Citrate Action Mechanism

How does sildenafil affect the human organism? Sildenafil Citrate is a selective inhibitor of PDE-5, taking it in men stimulates the blood supply to the penis, and at the same time relaxes the muscles of the cavernous body. This creates all the necessary conditions for the occurrence of the erection, but the erection does not occur without the sexual stimulation.

What will Happen if a Woman will Take Viagra?

Sildenafil will enhance the blood flow to the genital organs of a woman and will increase the emission of the natural lubrication. In other words, it will trigger the same processes that occur on their own during the strong sexual arousal.

A Women’s Touchy Problem

Statistics shows that almost 40% of women suffer from various sexual dysfunctions. They arise as a result of different somatic diseases, and as a result of many causes that have the psychological nature. The most common female dysfunction include the lack of a sexual desire, the ullage or the lack of lubrication, the inability to enjoy with the sexual intercourse, anorgasmia and anaphrodisia.

There were cases when doctors prescribed Viagra to women, but the positive results were not observed. The medication was created exclusively for men, and therefore it was not tested on women.

Women Do not Need Viagra

The reason is in the different nature of occurrence of the sexual arousal in men and women. The sexual arousal in men arises in the genitals and therefore the usage of Viagra in this case fits perfectly. As for women – the situation is much more complicated. A woman should make up her mind psychologically to begin to want her partner. There must be the certain points that will conduce to the emergence of the sexual arousal: the right atmosphere, the attention of the partner and other small details. In other words, the sexual arousal of women arises in the head, and Viagra has an impact on the increase of the blood flow to the genitals. Keep healthy and enjoy life in the moment!

Sexual And Relationship Therapy

Sexual and relationship therapy is an important clinical discipline, which requires specific training. It is far more than an extension of general counseling. Practices that do not have such a therapist available ‘inhouse’ will have to refer appropriate individuals or couple to an accredited sexual and relationship therapist. Sexual and relationship therapy may be considered a specialized branch of psychotherapy. It usually involves the use of cognitive behavioral techniques aimed at the relief of the individual’s (or couple’s) sexual dysfunction, involving sex education and the practice of sexual and communication tasks as a par t of the treatment process, with regular feedback sessions with the therapist.

It differs from psychoanalytic treatment , which attempts to resolve unconscious conflicts that might be causing dysfunction, and marital therapy, which attempts to improve a couple’s general relationship quality by helping them to resolve unrecognized conflicts. Psychoanalytic and marital therapy techniques may be used by a therapist , but are not at the core of sexual and relationship therapy. Sexual and relationship therapy is generally considered effective treatment for ED, although this has not been unequivocally demonstrated in trials.

A ‘success rate’ of around 60% is commonly quoted, although the size and durability of effect is uncertain. It is likely that older men with complete ED, diabetes and severe vascular disease are less likely to respond than younger men with intermittent or situational ED, and no concomitant medical problems. Sexual and relationship therapy is effective in the treatment of premature ejaculation, delayed or anorgasmia (for which there is good research evidence), and vaginismus. It may also be beneficial in desire disorders, although those affected should also have an appropriate endocrine and medical assessment.

Good-Enough Male and Couple Sexuality

The Good-Enough Sex model of male and couple sexuality is the most challenging as well as most important concept in this book. The traditional male sex model has been all about a big, powerful penis and perfect Viagra pharmacy in Canada intercourse performance to prove yourself to the woman and be competitive with male peers. Sexually, men were either winners or losers. Being thought of as a sexual loser is a controlling male fear. The essence of being a loser is not having a penis ready for action any time and any place. By that definition, the truth is that 95% of men are losers and the remaining 5% are afraid it would eventually happen to them. In the traditional perfect performance male model, you are always one failure away from devastating your sexual self-confidence.

The Good-Enough Sex model challenges that self-defeating performance criterion. Focus on enjoying pleasurable sex; you do not have to prove any-thing to yourself or anyone else. It is about acceptance, pleasure, and positive, realistic sexual and relationship expectations. This is an opportunity for you as a man, for your male friends, for couples, and for our culture to change the understanding and meaning for men’s sexual health.

With the Good-Enough Sex model, intimacy and satisfaction are the ultimate purpose, with pleasure as important as function and mutual acceptance as the context. Sex is integrated into the man’s and couple’s daily life and daily life is integrated into your sex life to create a unique couple sexual style. Living daily life well as both a person and a couple with its responsibilities, stresses, conflicts as well as joys, moments of plea-sure, special erotic experiences, and emotional and sexual satisfaction is vital. – Buy Kamagra online at the best price.

Good-Enough Sex provides the opportunity to experience a range of sensual, playful, erotic, and intercourse experiences which will enhance your sexuality. The ultimate goal of couple sex is relationship intimacy and satisfaction.

The traditional criterion of male sexual confidence has been perfect control over erection, intercourse, and orgasm. Sex as a pass – fail test. This new approach emphasizes that the essence of sex is self-confidence grounded on giving and receiving pleasure-oriented touching and that 85% of the time this will flow to intercourse and orgasm. Touching has value in itself whether affectionate touch, sensual touch, playful touch, erotic touch, or intercourse. Intercourse is a special pleasuring/erotic experience, not the pass–fail measure of sexual prowess. Touching experiences that do not result in intercourse can be normal and enjoyable, not viewed as a failure. The essence of sexual confidence is sharing pleasure, not perfect performance.

What Science Tells Us About Men and Women’s Sexual Behaviors

Sex research gives us perspective on the similarities and differences between men and women. Be careful about information available in the media and on the Internet, as it is usually not based on reliable scientific research. Remember that we live in a commercial society where selling something as a problem and a product to fix it are common.

Surveys of particular groups like readers of Playboy or Glamour do not give the full picture of the entire community. A representative survey is scientifically structured to gain data from the entire community.

Consider that readers of Penthouse may answer differently than readers of the Christian Science Monitor. So rely on scientific studies for accurate information.

The National Health and Social Life (NHSL) data surveyed a large representative U.S. sample that includes different ages, racial, ethnic, religious, and geographic areas. Compare these scientific data with what you have heard on TV or read in magazines about the use of fantasy, erotic materials, the frequency of sex, number of partners, and behaviors such as oral sex, masturbation, and orgasm.

Sexual Thoughts (Fantasy) and Use of Erotic Materials

A major disparity between men and women is the level of sexual fantasy and their different use of erotic materials. Men have more frequent fantasies and make greater use of erotic materials than do women. The NHSL survey reported that 54% of men and 19% of women enjoyed fantasies at least “everyday” or “several times a day” while 43% of men and 67% of women reported “a few times a week” or “a few times a month.” Only 4% of men and 14% of women reported having sexual fantasies “less than once a month” or “never.” Canadian sildenafil citrate pharmacy

Comparisons that focus on visual erotica are uncertain because women’s erotica is less visual and more emotional, such as sexual stories with romantic content, romance novels, or movies like Gone with the Wind, Sleepless in Seattle, or Three Weddings and a Funeral. Romance movies and novels are sometimes described as “women’s pornography.” This is a healthy use of sexual fantasies as bridges to desire and/or bridges to high arousal and orgasm.

Frequency and Duration of Sex

The best scientific data regarding couple sex contrary to common media presentations show that adults do not have a secret life of abundant sex. Among Americans between the ages of 18 and 59, one third have sex as often as twice a week, one third a few times a month, and one third a few times a year. The average frequency of intercourse is 6–7 times a month. There is a slight decline in frequency with aging, and yet sexual satisfaction increases with age, especially among serious and married couples. For 70% of couples, their sexual encounters (not just intercourse) last between 15 minutes and 1 hour each time.

Can sexual problems be completely cured?

Viagra Australia is a drug for erectile dysfunction prescribed by doctors for patients who have a permanent form of ED and are not able to have erections.

The drug is used as the symptomatic treatment, sometimes in even younger men, while most of the time for older men. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that usually occurs in men around 60 or even older, but there were many other cases in which the age of the recepient was different. Some men show signs of erectile dysfunction in their 50s, while those really unfortunate have to live with it by their 40s.

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be treated with Viagra, but cannot be completely cured. The only way a complete rehabilitation of the genital area can be made is whether erectile dysfunction was only a temporary problem. However, this usually does not mean that the patient will be prescribed drugs to overcome the situation.

Viagra contains sildenafil citrate and other chemical elements that are capable of producing an increased flow of blood in the body. Initially, it was developed as a drug for hypertension and angina, and is still prescribed as such in patients with patients suffering from high blood pressure. But thanks to its properties, sildenafil is able to dilate the blood vessels, making it thinner and reaching the genital area faster.

Once the genital area is reached, the drug effects start to reduce muscle tension, and finally create the means for the erection. With the desired effect is achieved, the man will be able to have sex. Viagra canadian pharmacy is a simple but very effective solution and always does what it promises.

The drug is a real treatment and should be taken seriously by anyone interested in taking it. Immediate benefits can be seen after taking Viagra after approximately 30 minutes. The drug helps to alleviate any problems of self-esteem of men who encounter erectile dysfunction sometime in their life.

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