How are TB cases treated today? They put them to bed without moving. They are under a special diet and nothing more. No. Let the patient be free to do whatever he wants. If he wants to rest, let him rest. If he wants to go for a walk, let him go for a walk. However, he shall start pronouncing every day the words: “I will recover”. He shall gradually increase the number of repetitions of these words until he reaches 1000 – 2000 repetitions a day. Let him say these words 100 times during the first day, on the second day -120 times, on the third day -150 times and so on until he reaches 1000 – 2000 times. Every disease Sildenafil Canada, every discouragement may be treated in this way. Thus, the heavy, dark atmosphere around the patient becomes cheerful, bright, and pleasant and he feels better and better. Then all healthy people will start to visit that man.

Let’s say that you have a little difficulty. Your finger hurts and you cannot stand it. In order to heal yourself, or to be more precise, in order to be able to stand it, imagine that somebody has hammered a big nail in your hand. This bigger pain will replace the less one. If you can reproduce mentally that hammering of the nail into the hand, transformation of the pain will take place in your mind.

If you fall ill do not rush to call the doctor. Apply one, second, third method, concentrate your mind on the pain and say mentally several times the following: “I will recover.” Sometimes you can say only ten times that you will recover and this will happen, but at other times, it will be necessary these words to be said thousands of times. No matter how many times you say these words, just do not discourage. Be persistent and you will get good results. In this way you can treat yourself and your friends.

A special atmosphere will be created around you if you know how to pronounce the words life’, ‘goodness’, ‘love’, ‘wisdom’, ‘spring’, ‘Christ’, ‘Spirit’.

If there is something wrong with your eyes, every night before falling asleep, you shall say: “When I open my eyes tomorrow, I will be better.” One, who has faith, is capable of everything.

If there is a wart or lichen: a Bulgarian would go to a grocer, steal a lump of salt, because by stealing it, it will become positive, and he is also positive. And when the moon is emptying, he will surround the wart by the lump of salt and say: “Let the wart disappear in the same way, in which the moon is emptying and this lump of salt melts.”, he throws the salt and the wart disappears. You explain that to yourself that the salt, as a channel, has attracted those flows in Nature, which support these warts.