Carnivorousness and Vegetarianism

Fear and loathing, felt by that animals while being slaughtered, introduce these poisons into their organisms. By eating meat, people take in these poisons and get upset. This is the reason for people getting ill of neurasthenia. Carnivorousness and Vegetarianism

According to the structure of the human organism, modern people are is not able to draw out more energy from meat than from other foods that are considered to be weak. Why is that? It is because modern people are very greedy and think that the power of food depends on its quantity or its quality, but not on the way it is used.

The meat of animals is not so nourishing, because, during their feeding process, they use for themselves the valuable nutrients and leave the useless ones, and namely those that people use for food.

The food, used by pigs, supports their organisms and what is more is accumulates as meat and fat. Canadian pharmacy viagra

When someone eats pork, he puts these cells to work, he employs workers for his body, but to put a pig cell to work, you shall put three servants to keep it, not run away somewhere.

The costs for keeping it, costs more than the fulfilled work Canadian Generic viagra.

Meat food now is not hygienic and does not establish favorable conditions for the human development, because the vibrations of that food are of another type, inapplicable to humans. Since these creatures are less developed, they lead to people’s getting down to the ground. Therefore, one, who eats meat, prepares the his conditions for his destruction. There are people, who cannot even eat some vegetable foods. For example, the stomach of many people does not accept beans. Therefore, we have to come to that food that suits the new life.

People of the new sixth race will be fed with vegetable and fruit food. Meat is a strong food, but harmful and will not be mentioned at all in the future. Carnivorousness is one of the reasons for cruelty and rudeness of people and for neurasthenia. Organism will be recreated through food. If one does not accept fruits as main food, he will live with the stimulus of animals for a long time.

All people, who eat meat aim at the center of the earth. This is their movement. Anyone, who aims at the Sun, is a fruit-eater or a vegetarian. These two directions define what your food will be. You cannot be a vegetarian until you change the direction of your movement toward the Sun.

The danger of vegetarianism for some people is in the fact that they have animal stimulus and want to live in a human way. A certain conflict in the stomach occurs with such people and they say that vegetarianism is not good for them. One has to be a vegetarian by conviction. Then he will be able to properly digest the food he eats.