Massage as a treatment to promote well-being and relaxation by manipulating the muscles and tissues has been around for centuries. It was well known to the Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Indians and Egyptians to mention but a few. Being practiced by such a diverse collection of cultures, it is inevitable that many different types of massages are now in current use.

A massage normally involves manipulating areas of the body using pressure, motion, tension or vibration and this is often accomplished manually or by the use of mechanical implements. Areas targeted can include the skin, tendons, muscles, joints, ligaments or other types of tissue. A massage may be performed using the fingers, hands, forearms, elbows, knees or feet. Professional treatment normally involves the client reclining on a table, a floor mat, or sitting in a chair. The client will usually be fully or partially naked and will have a towel or a sheet covering parts of the body.

The treatment became popular in the mid 1800’s in the US after being introduced there by two New York doctors, who adopted the techniques from Sweden. It then rapidly spread throughout the Western world. Initially used as a supplement to medical procedures, it was used extensively by athletes and chronic pain sufferers as a pain relief remedy. However, due to the fact that the recipient is completely or partially unclothed and that the masseur or masseuse often manipulates areas in close proximity to the clients private parts, a more sensual ingredient was introduced to the practice.

Certain practitioners of massaging techniques recognised the potential financial rewards to be gained from the commercial exploitation of massaging, and a new form of the practice evolved. Because the advertising of sexual services over most of the US is illegal, many of these services are often advertised as massages. This has led to the introduction of the term, massage therapy, in order to distinguish the sexual from the non-sexual types of service.

One of the most popular forms of this type of treatment is the full body massage. Good for reducing stress and being extremely relaxing at the same time, this sensual caressing of the body can bring health benefits to the recipient as well as improving relationships through increased intimacy. When using oils, make sure there is a plentiful supply of washable towels or a blanket. Light candles to add to the atmosphere. Warm the hands before beginning. The recipient should undress and lie face down on the blanket or towels. Oil should be spread on the back and rubbed in, starting with the shoulders and working down the back. After completing the back, the person being massaged should turn over and the treatment should now be repeated starting at the chest and working towards the feet. Lingering at the body’s intimate parts could arouse the person sexually and may lead to sexual advances.

Depending upon the source of the information, a body rub can be anything from an ordinary Swedish massage, to the type of massage described in the previous paragraph, to a hands on experience from a young lady who may be partially or totally nude, or to the actual oils and lotions that are applied to the body during the process of administering the body rub.

A body slide is performed by a totally nude masseuse who has had scented oils applied to her front and who then slides her whole body all over her client’s body both front and back, using her breasts to gently caress the client.

There are a number of massages for men, depending upon the type of man and his preferences. Men can be divided roughly into 3 categories; timid, tough and the laid back, incense breathing hippie type. Each one can choose from a treatment ranging from the erotic, with a Happy Ending, to the bone crunching muscle tearing rubs of the sports treatment for the athlete.