For a fit, healthy body, keeping the digestive system working well is extremely important. When we hear about digestive system, we usually think about the stomach or the food pipe. But, another very vital organ of the system is colon. This organ is responsible for extracting all the water and salt from the solid wastes, before they are passed onto the excretory organs. Its functions are similar to that of the small intestine, but not the same. Colon is solely responsible for the extraction of water, potassium and some of the fat soluble vitamins. So, for the colon to keep doing it job well, it is a must to maintain it.

Colon cleanse is a therapy which is gaining popularity to keep the colon functioning well. The purpose of this therapy is to remove all the feces and toxins from the colon, which could have accumulated over the time. These toxins and unwanted waste block the colon filters and reduce its functioning, and because of which the useful vitamins and minerals are often excreted out. It is a kind of detoxification which will help your colon to restore and function normally, making your digestive system healthy again. Read below to find more about the colon cleanse techniques:

1. Change in diet: Change your diet to do a colon cleanse, if you want to try it at home. Consume dietary fiber, herbs, supplements or laxatives. Some of the examples of herbs which are helpful include ginger, senna, fennel and garlic. Also, supplementing this fiber rich diet with lots of water will help you clean your colon faster and better. They regulate the working of the organ and push out all the unwanted wastes from there.

2. Colon irrigation: Cleaning the colon through water. This process is called colon irrigation and is performed by a doctor or a therapist. In this, a tube is inserted in your rectum and a machine connected to it pushes the water into the tube. When the water reaches the colon, usually the abdomen is massaged and the waste is then flushed out using a second tube. This may last up to an hour or so and the water pressure may vary depending upon your requirement.

3. Pro-biotics: Another way to clean your colon is by using pro-biotics. Here, good bacteria are introduced to the colon through pro-biotic supplements. This acts as a catalyst and kills all the toxics faster. Onions and bananas are good examples of pro-biotic food and can be consumed for a better colon working.

The thing to remember while going for colon cleanse is that too much of anything is not good. So only clean your colon when your stool hasn’t been right for some days or the digestive system troubling you. Cleaning it without any reason will create disharmony in the normal functioning of the body. It is best to take the experts’ advice before you proceed with colon cleanse process.