Indian head massages are famous all over the world. They are believed to be over thousand years old. It can be said that this technique was used by women of that time to groom each other’s hair. This technique was gradually developed to give massages for relieving tension and stress. It also improves circulation of blood neck, scalp, back and face and this can lead to reducing wrinkles on your face. The clients also like it a lot as they do not need to remove their clothes to get the massage. Let’s learn more about Indian head massage courses.

Many people are not sure whether they should get an Indian head massage course or not. The first thing you should understand is that there is hardly any side effect related to them. So you need not worry about this aspect. If you still are not sure, you can go for a beginners massage course offered at many places. The people who want to learn this technique should also not worry as there are many schools teaching this art. The basic physical requirements demanded are you should be able to stand and use your hands over a person’s head and that is it. The classes are usually held in the evenings and after a few weeks you will be able to answer questions related to the human skull and know about a lot of therapeutic techniques and their origins. There are both distance learning programs and in house massage therapy schools teaching this art. Usually Indian head massage courses are offered by those therapists who want to add more qualifications to their repertoire. This should not be a deterrent to the beginners because even if you are starting afresh but you believe in it, it is not going to be that difficult to learn.

In distance learning programs the study material is sent in the form of text books and videos while in house schooling practical demonstrations are given to students. They also ask the students to try the various techniques on each other. There is a certain requirement that you will need to fulfill before you can actually join such a course. A person needs to have knowledge of psychology, physiology and anatomy and are also required to show the competence to handle stress related to such work. To learn about the Indian head massage courses you will need to have great communication skills and should be well presented always in front of others. Generally head massage courses are taken up by people in the field of beauty and hairdressing but others can also give it a try.

The examinations held at the end of the Indian massage courses are a combination of practical examinations and written tests. In practical examinations the students are asked to perform a massage on an actual client who then gives a rating to the student. You should have deep knowledge of the oils you use and should be able to know which client’s body type will accept what types of oils. The advice you give to the client after the massage will also be tested.