Neck is one of the most flexible organs of the body that has a great deal of functionality. It is quite susceptible to injuries, because it is subjected to a lot of stress and weight and to a certain extent because of its flexibility. Neck pain is usually caused by the stress, misuse, overuse, poor posture, accident or a sport injury. Neck pain is one of the most common complaints that may become a constant problem if remain untreated and ignored. In holistic medicine, massage therapy is considered as the most significant natural treatment that helps provide effective pain management. In this article I will discuss the role of massage therapy in dealing with neck pain.

Massage Therapy – A Natural Way of Pain Management

Massage therapy is the natural way of treating neck pain. It is a profound and non-invasive holistic approach that is effective for people of all age group. It not only provides pain relief and management, but also decelerates the progression of neck problems. All neck problems including injuries require immediate assistance of a health care practitioner, because damaged muscles, ligaments and nerves may lead to a serious condition called osteoarthritis. Furthermore, neck injuries that occur due to accidents can lead to more severe neck problems including whiplash, herniated disc, fracture, pinched nerve and paralysis.

How Massages Help Relieve Pain?

Highly contracted muscles and poor blood flow to the neck are the main reasons of various neck problems. A professional massage therapist uses method of mind/body integration and various hands-on-techniques to generate feeling of frothiness that gently relieves pain. A massage therapist provides small body movements and a gentle touch that effectively relaxes muscles and connective tissues and improves blood circulation to the affected areas.

Types of Massages for Neck Pain Relief

In holistic medicine there are several types of massages available that can be performed by an experienced massage therapist to help relieve neck pain. Some of them are:

1. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is especially intended to reduce severe tension in the muscles and connective tissues. A professional massage therapist applies an intense, focused and hard pressure to release the sustained deep pressure from the neck and upper back.

2. Shiatsu Massage

In this type of Japanese hands-on-therapy, a massage therapist applies pressure to the affected area of the body by using his fingers and palm in order to correct the imbalance of the body and promote sense of well-being.

3. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage includes a variety of manual therapies that help release muscle tension and provides relief from neck pain.

4. Trigger Point Therapy

In trigger point therapy, manual pressure, vibration or some other treatment is applied by the massage therapist to alleviate myofascial pain from the affected body area. This manual therapy effectively enhances blood flow to the damaged areas, releases neck muscle spasms and promotes the natural healing process.

There are various other types of massages that significantly release muscle tension and help provide neck pain relief. A certified and licensed massage therapist can better analyze the severity of the condition and recommend the particular type of massage therapy that will be suitable to fix the condition and promote health. Regular exercises and good posture i.e. aligned spine position are also recommended to decrease the neck pain.