Underarm sweating can be a huge source of stress. If your one of the unlucky people who suffer from this problem a large part of your day can be taken up thinking of ways you can stop underarm sweating. Such excessive sweating is refereed to in medical circles as Hyperhidrosis.

If you suffer from this condition it becomes really difficult to explain the problem to others. My biggest concern was always that people were going to think I had bad personal hygiene. Truth was I used to shower 2/3 times a day so I was a dam sight cleaner than the people I was worrying about.

Good thing is that there are remedies available that can stop underarm sweating. Some that deal the root cause and others that target the symptoms.

Dealing with the root cause.

Diet is hugely significant in the battle to stop underarm sweating. If the majority of your food is junk food you really can’t expect your body to be happy about it or function properly. If you only make one change to stop underarm sweating, cleaning up your diet is the most important thing you can do.

Another cause for excessive underarm sweating is stress. Modern day living can be extremely stressful, If you can manage to reduce the amount of stress in your daily routine it can have a significant effect on the amount you sweat.

Strange as it may sound, water also helps. Water controls our internal body temperature, if you become dehydrated your internal temperature rises which induces the sweat glands to produce more sweat. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Dealing with the symptoms.

Dealing with the symptoms of sweating underarms really isn’t a longterm solution but can sometimes help in the short-term. The most obvious is probably antiperspirants. Down side to this is that most are really strong and contain all-sorts of chemicals. This often causes skin irritation.

Botox can be an option but again is a short-term thing that needs to be repeated often and is expensive.

Surgery is an option for some but is an aggressive way to deal with the problem and should only be considered as a final option if everything else has been tried and failed. All of these short-term fixes have possible side effects and for that reason would cause me to steer clear.

There is a way to stop underarm sweating that is completely natural. No antiperspirants or creams, no injections or painful surgery, no drugs or pills, no hypnosis or mind exercises.