Did you know that curry leaves can be easily made into a healthy drink? Did you know it’s really good for your health? Did you also know that it helps illnesses such as diabetes? Curry leaves have excellent medicinal properties.

My Indian colleague suggested to add curry leaves to hot water and drink from it. I love tea but especially those with ingredients that are good for your health. Curry leaves are known to have medical properties to treat diabetes. Curry trees are easily grown and easy to maintain. At the seedling stage the curry trees need extra care and attention. They grow abundant leaves which you can use for your culinary purposes.

I haven’t tried curry leaves with any other ingredients but kept this mixture very simple. You can easily grow a curry tree at home if you have space in your back yard. Curry leaves are one of the ingredients used in curries. The tea is a little pungent but still easy on the taste buds. This taste is something that you can become accustomed to after two to three drinks. Four stalks of leaves should be enough for a small teapot.

Other tips for a great tea recipe is to place a whole lemon in a large flask, add honey, ginger and hot water. This is especially good when you catch a cold or flu, but it’s also a good beverage during the any day. The abundance of antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties in this mixture is also a bonus for your health. Another great aspect of this mixture is that it is fresh.

Guava leaves are aromatic and can be sued as a recipe. Some people dry the leaves and store it but you can pick the leaves and place it in a hot water jug. You can refill up to 4 rounds of tea after the first pot is finished.

After having tea, you will feel a great sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. If you are not physically feeling great, but at least you will be feeling mentally great knowing that you have contributed towards your health. This is very important in today’s society because we eat a lot of junk food and food with preservatives. Therefore we need these teas to help maintain our body’s immune system and health.

Curry trees don’t need much water to survive and produce healthy leaves for your culinary desires. I hope you can drink 3 to 4 cups of tea per day to help you digest food and for improving your anti-oxidant intake and general wellbeing. However, this does not take away the need for regular exercise and good dietary habits.