Shaving your head is becoming more and more favored everyday; books, articles, and advertisements on easy methods to shave ones scalp can be seen everywhere! People may choose to do it for a large variety of motives from hiding baldness, to a style statement, and even as far as swimming faster. Whatever the reason is that you shave ones head, it is inevitable that if you do it improperly, and do not know the way to shave ones own scalp, you will end up with more red marks than skin color on your head. When I first began shaving my scalp I was doing it because my hair was starting to thin; I figured that if I shaved my scalp nobody would really notice the difference in thickness between the hair on the top of my scalp and the sides. After about a week of shaving it I started to receive compliments from almost everybody that I knew ranging from them telling me that I had a nicely shaped scalp, to telling me that the shaved look was my optimal look. Could you ever picture guys like Vin Diesel or Michael Jordan with hair? Probably not because by time they had a celebrity status and were known to the public they had already started to shave their heads. Furthermore, could you ever picture them with shaved heads and small cuts surrounding their scalp? Once again probably not, but that will never mean that they had by no means encountered this problem; they too may have read an article on how you cans have ones head at one point in time.

It is one of the most common problems when men shave their heads; some people come across this problem for the first while and then find ways to overcome it by learning the way to shave ones own scalp, and others have been shaving their heads for years and still see cuts. This article is designed to give you some tips on the best way to shave ones own scalp from a guy who may have been there and done that so that you can avoid cutting ones own scalp any time you shave it, and allow you to have a head that glistens in the sun, cut-free.

Soften the follicles:

The very first mistake that individuals make when shaving their head is definitely using shaving cream and using the razor. The 1st step in learning ways to shave ones own head is to first moisten the hair follicles on your head by simply rubbing water into and around them; I usually use warm water because it is the very best. It is best to take a small towel and soak it in warm water; then rub that towel around ones own scalp for about a few seconds.

Constantly, frequently, constantly use shaving cream:

The earliest time I shaved my head was in the shower with nothing more than water and a razor…I guess you can imagine how that ended up! Some people swear by soap, but the simple basic fact is that shaving creams are formulated with shaving in mind; whereas, soap is formulated with cleaning in mind. When learning easy methods to shave ones own head it is important to note that shaving creams have ingredients in them that allow the razor to go over the skin easier, which translates to less cuts. I know there are individuals saying I shave my scalp with soap all of the time and never get cut; simply put, those folks may not get cut because they are experienced, but they still have a greater chance of getting cut than if they were to us shaving cream.

Clean ones own razor frequently:

Another thing to do when learning the best way to shave ones own head is clean your razor as frequently as possible. I would recommend placing your razor under running water to remove the hairs at least 30 times while shaving ones own head. Small hairs caught in razors can easily cause cuts because they are interfering with the blades touching your head at the correct angle. This is especially true with the hairs that are found on ones scalp because they are on the list of thickest hairs on ones own body…even if you are balding! I usually place my razor under running water once every 3 inches that it travels on my scalp.

Shave with the grain, then against the grain:

The technique that you use is direly important should you learn how to shave your head; if you immediately begin to shave against the grain you will end up with one bloody scalp! It is best to first shave with the grain to get rid of any small hairs that would cause cuts, and then against the grain to get the smoothest shave. This will ensure that your follicles do not become irritated.

Never shave 2 days in a row:

Many men want that smooth look everyday so they think that shaving on a daily basis will allow them to keep their head bald constantly; they are basically trying to shave the hairs before they’ve had a chance to grow back in. This is a common misconception when learning the way to shave ones head, and once again causes many cuts because only a portion of ones own follicles have allowed hair to sprout by the following day. You should leave at least 1 day in between shaving ones scalp so that all of the follicles that you have on ones own scalp will get a chance to let the slightest bit of hair grow in. To summarize this I simply tell men and women What is the point of having ones scalp smooth everyday if you are always going to have cuts all over ones scalp.

Use cream after shaving:

This is a method that most individuals, including myself, don’t believe in when learning ways to shave your scalp until it is too late. I didn’t start using cream until I had noticed dead skin and irritation throughout my scalp; furthermore, I have yet to see these things on my scalp since I began using cream. Pick ones own favourite skin cream and rub a little bit all around your scalp for about 30 seconds. This will sooth you skin and avoid any future irritation that your scalp may come across for the next few hours.

Shaving ones head can be a relatively easy thing to do, even without any previous knowledge or experience of learning ways to shave ones own scalp; however, learning the best way to shave your head without getting cut be a slightly more difficult task. Think of ones scalp as an art easel, and your razor as ones paintbrush for use on that easel. If you are careful and considerate enough, you will produce a great piece of artwork (a without cuts scalp) that will be adored and respected by artists everywhere; however, if you try to rush through it, you will end up with a butchered picture (a scalpfull of cuts) that folks will look at in a negative way. Shaving ones head can be a simple hygienic task, or one that is meant to enhance ones own looks; whichever it is, use these tips to ensure that you do it without getting cut.